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Malcolm Washington Net Worth - A Film Maker On His Way To Success

Being born to a person who is skilled, well-known, and wealthy can be a blessing or a burden. If a parent is a movie or TV actor, the child often becomes well-known. Denzel Washington is a movie legend who has done a lot of great things. This is the case with Denzel's talented son, Malcolm Washington, whose story interests a lot of people. What is Malcolm Washington net worth?

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Oct 26, 202280 Shares1126 Views
There is no question that Denzel Washington is a well-known filmmaker, and there is also no question that the Washington family has a strong connection to the world of show business.
In the world of show business, the Washington family is an extremely well-known and respected name. Today, we will talk about Malcolm Washington net worth.
Even though Malcolm is a star kid, you can be sure that he is giving his absolute best effort in every endeavor. The talented individual is great at basketball and also does directing, which helps to set him apart from the competition. Stay with us until the very end to get a great deal of specific information.

Quick Facts About Malcolm Washington

NameMalcolm Washington
BirthdayApril 10, 1991
ProfessionActor, Film Maker, Director, Film Writer
Net Worth$2 million

Who Is Malcolm Washington?

Malcolm Washington wearing a black jacket and a hat
Malcolm Washington wearing a black jacket and a hat
Malcolm Washington is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer. His collegebasketball team, which he represented in the NCAA, is what he is best known for.
He was born into a family of actorsand people in the theater world. He loves the arts very much. Denzel Washington, an actor who has won many awards for his work, is his father.
Malcolm Washington was born in the United States on April 10, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. Malcolm Washington and Patricia Washington are his parents. Malcolm Washington was born in the United States and is a politician and businessman there.
In 2011, the 5ft 9in tall filmmaker got a bachelor's degree in filmmaking from the University of Pennsylvania. Malcolm got a job in the entertainment business right after he graduated. He worked as a production assistant on the critically acclaimed movie "Chef."

Professional Career Of Malcolm Washington

In 2017, he started working in the film industry as a director, producer, assistant director, and writer, among other jobs. For example, he helped Spike Lee with eight episodes of the TV show "She's Gotta Have It."
Another movie he made was the comedy-drama "Summer of 17," which came out in 2017. He also wrote and directed the hugely popular short play "Benny Got Shot."
After finishing film school in 2013, the journey began with a new point of view, new priorities, and the unconditional love of one's family as the ultimate goal. In 2014, he worked as a production assistant on the set of Jon Favreau's action comedy "Chef."
Because his movie made a lot of money, he got his first taste of fame and wealth. On the set of the short film Trouble Man, which was made in 2016, he was Jackson Young's second assistant director. The answer to "Trouble Man" was clever and wise.
So, his short film was shown on Palm Screen and the Short Film Showcase of Los Angeles. He also won the "Filmmaker to Watch Award" at the Atlanta Film Festival in the same year.
Young Washington is a rising star in the TV business. In 2018, he directed episodes of "I, Too" and "Dream America." After a lot of thought, it's been decided that Malcolm Washington has the creativity and skill that are needed to make it in the movie business.

Malcolm Washington Parents

Denzel Washington wearing a black suit and Paulette Washington wearing black and white dress
Denzel Washington wearing a black suit and Paulette Washington wearing black and white dress
Malcolm is famous because his parents, Denzel Washington and Paulette Washington, are famous actors. Denzel Washington has also won 17 NAACP Image Awards, 3 Golden Gloves Awards, and a Tony Award.
Two Academy Awards have also been given out: the best supporting actor in the history of Gloire (1989) to play Union Army Private trip.
And Best Actor for his role as a crooked cop in Crime Thriller Training Day as Alonzo Harris (2001). In 2020, The New York Times called Denzel the most important actor of the 21st century.
Denzel is an actor who changed what it means to be a "classic film star." Denzel is an actor who changed the idea of "classical fame" by playing roles with grace, dignity, humanity, and inner strength.
In the same way, Pauletta Washington, a well-known actress, can be seen in Philadelphia (1993), and Ansone Fisher (2002). She was 39 years old when her twins, Malcolm and Olivia, were born.

Malcolm Washington Net Worth

Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood's legends who has made a big difference. Malcolm needs to put in the hard work to be in the same league. The man's start, on the other hand, has been good. So far, all of his work has helped him build up a good net worth.
Right now, Malcolm Washington's net worth is $2 million. All of this came about because of things like directing, production, etc.
In 2022, his father, Denzel, has a huge net worth of $280 million. Oh, and he is said to make anywhere from $60 million to $80 million a year, so this number is likely to keep going up.

Interesting Facts About Malcolm Washington

  • He is Denzel Washington's youngest child.
  • Malcolm Washington went to college and played basketball there.
  • He is going in the same direction as his father.
  • Malcolm Washington gave up basketball to go into movies.
  • He doesn't talk about himself.

People Also Ask

Is Malcolm And Olivia Washington Twins?

Malcolm and his twin sister Olivia were both born on April 10, 1991. Malcolm got his degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he also played basketball before he went into show business.

How Old Is Malcolm Washington?

Malcolm Washington was born on April 10, 1991, making him 31 years old in 2022.

How Much Is Denzel Washington Worth 2022?

Denzel Washington's net worth is about $280 million as of October 2022. Denzel Washington is an American actor who is mostly known around the world for his roles in movies that have won him awards.


Malcolm is the son of two famous Hollywood actors, but his income and net worth are a long way behind those of his guardians. So, Malcolm is thought to have a net worth of close to $2 million. It comes from writing, directing, and making the movie.
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