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Lawrence Taylor Net Worth 2022 – Birthday, Age, Height, Wife And Kids

What is Lawrence Taylor net worth? He is one of the greatest American football players. As of 2022, his net worth is $300 thousand.

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Lawrence Taylor net worthis $300,000 in 2022.
One of the greatest players for American Football is Lawrence Taylor.
He was born in the year 1959 of February 4th. He has been nicknamed L.T.
His full name is Lawrence Julius Taylor. His birthplace was Williamsburg, Virginia states of the U.S.
He was one of the team's best players. He played in the position of linebacker for the club named New York Giants in his entire life.

Lawrence Taylor Early Life

The Taylor was born in the town of Williamsburg on 4th February. He was the elder son of Clarence and Iris Taylor. Clarence has three sons. He worked in a dispatching company, whereas his mother was a teacher in the school of Williamsburg. Then at the age of fifteen, he developed an interest in football. He started to play football for his team at school. Soon he was the captain of his team because of his gameplay.

Lawrence Taylor NFL Career

In the year 1981, the career of Lawrence Taylor started in a good swing. This year he joined the club New York Giants. With his defensive game soon, he was chosen as a linebacker. Later he chooses jersey number 56. This jersey number was also of his idol. That’s the reason he also wanted the same jersey number. He was also the title “Superman” because of his strength and good abilities to jump and run fast.

Lawrence Taylor on Fox News

Net worth$300 thousand
ProfessionAmerican Footballer, Sports commentator, Actor, Wrestler
Birthday1959 of February 4th
Age62 years
Height1.9 m
Weight109 KG
jersey number56
Nickname L.T

Lawrence Taylor Dug And Lifestyle Problems

In the years 1981 and 1982, Taylor started to use the drug and other harmful material. Even sometimes, he also cleared the urine exam test before the match. Due to this, the effectiveness also gets tempered. He submits team mate’s urine sample by saying that it was his. And it results that him always passes the test. In the year 1987, his sample was tested positive for using drugs. After that, he announced his retirement in the year 1988.

Lawrence Taylor Post-NFL Life

After announcing the retirement, Taylor then went for many new things in life like anchoring or commentary. Later he started a company which was known as All-Pro products. The company was doing well for some time. Even Taylor generated approx 10 million from the business.

Lawrence Taylor Profile

The profile of Taylor keeps changed from time to time. After retirement, he started commentary then shifted to business. After that, he appeared in video games and movies. He voices over for games. He was also in the Hall of Fame. Then later, in 2004, he released his autobiography named LT: Over the Edge.

Lawrence Taylor Wife

He was first married to Deborah Belinda Cooley on 19 June 1982. He had three children with her. After that, he married Maritza Cruz on 28 November 2001, and they got separated. Later he married Lynette Rose Gordon in July 2007.

Lawrence Taylor Kids

Lawrence Taylor Jr. is the son of Lawrence Taylor and Maritza Cruz. He is 39 years old. Currently, he is in jail because of the acquisition of a crime.

Lawrence Taylor House And Resident

He purchased this lavish house in the year 2001 February. According to the records, it is approximately 6134 sqft. It has four bedrooms, and three bathrooms and this entire house is filled with all the necessary products. And his house is situated in Williamsburg, Virginia.
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