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Kevin Samuels Birthday - The 56-Year-Old Life Coach And Love Guru's Failed Marriages

He was born on March 13, 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents are thought to have divorced while he was a child. The self-proclaimed image consultant lacks a degree in the industry in which he is now employed.

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Being a YouTuber is one of the most popular occupations and very fruitful (if succeeded) nowadays. Kevin Samuels is not a newcomer to the platform or to the entertainment business. From Atlanta, Georgia, he is a well-known American YouTuber, dating guru, social media influencer, life coach, image consultant, and image consultant on social media.
Kevin Samuels birthdayis on March 13, 1965, and will turn 57 years old.

Kevin Samuels Bio

When it comes to his style, the dating guru and social media influencer is a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to his appearance and image, he has a keen sense of style. He was born on March 13, 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents are thought to have divorced while he was a child.
The self-proclaimed image consultant lacks a degree in the industry in which he is now employed. He graduated from Millwood High School and went on to the University of Oklahoma for his post-secondary education. He earned a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from there.
In these claimed white supremacy days, where racism is nearly prevalent, Kevin made the same error. The life coach who ostensibly improves the lives of others via therapy has remained a target of trolling, all because of his "insensitive" remarks. Kevin's scathing remarks, which were primarily directed towards black women, set the stage for criticism and rejection of him and his profession. As a result, he earned the moniker "Pseudo Love Guru."
Kevin samuels In Black suite showing side pose
Kevin samuels In Black suite showing side pose

Kevin Samuels Marriage

Several rumors have surfaced accusing the 56-year-old of being homosexual. And he has repeatedly stated that he is not a gay guy, putting an end to the deception. Returning to his marital status, he was really a married guy. Kevin has been married two times. They ended up divorcing both times.
Samuels, on the other hand, has been tight-lipped about his previous spouses. His first marriage lasted only a year. In 2001, the couple had their first child, a girl. Unfortunately, the couple split and went their own ways after roughly a year.
Kevin and his ex-wife are said to have joint custody of their daughter. In terms of the reasons for the divorce, the situation is still unclear. Kevin, on the other hand, was the one who filed for divorce, claiming that the two would be better off as friends.
He discovered love with another woman seven years later. The couple married and had a three-year relationship. Kevin filed for divorce once more, this time citing irreconcilable differences as the cause. He hasn't given up hope despite a string of disastrous marriages. He stated in an interview that he would marry again.

Kevin Samuels Career

He is an Atlanta, Georgia-based American Youtuber, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Life Coach, and Social Media Influencer. He is well-known as a motivational speaker who assists individuals and businesses in getting back on track. He's also a fashionista who loves to dress in smart suits.
Kevin became well-known for his comments and mentorship of people and women, particularly in the black community. He began his YouTube career in 2016, and his channel was launched on May 20, 2015. Kevin has subsequently gone on to become a YouTube sensation.
He enjoys expressing his thoughts on a variety of topics, including fashion sense, brands, scents, and social concerns or events. Kevin Samuels is a huge YouTube star and a well-known influencer, but before that, he tried a lot of different things and, to no one's surprise, always came out on top.

Kevin Samuels Petition

Kevin's greater audience being the black community hasn't gone down well with the majority of his admirers. The internet has taken matters into its own hands by starting a petition on social media networks to get him removed.
He was recently chastised for making content that denigrates African American women, supposedly leading to an upsurge in female violence. According to the petition, women no longer feel secure, especially when they are with males who share Samuels' ideas and ideals. He's been accused of objectifying women and instilling hatred in their hearts.

Kevin Samuels Height And Weight

Kevin is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He weighs roughly 65 kg (143 pounds). His height and weight are unknown.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

Kevin has his hands in a number of businesses that have made him a millionaire. Samuel makes $5000 every month from his YouTube channel. Similarly, the charges $1,400 per hour to his customers as a consultant and coach. He also runs an image consulting firm that bears his name. As a result of his achievements, Kevin has accumulated a net worth of $4 million as of January 2022.

Who Is Kevin Samuel?

Kevin Samuels, a YouTube phenomenon and self-described "professional image consultant," is a YouTube sensation. His spectacular climb to social media prominence was fueled by his slick-tongued insults directed toward Black women in particular.

Who Does Kevin Samuels Date?

According to internet claims obtained by MTO News, Kevin Samuels, who will soon turn 57, is spending all of the money he makes on Youtube on his new girlfriend, Brittany Renner.


Kevin Samuels' primary audience is black women. As a result, the lifestyle guru has a sizable social media following. For example, he has over a million Instagram followers.
Kevin Samuels's Dating Advice for Women: The Things You Need to Know From a Woman's Perspective is a book written by Timeka Wills. The majority of Kevin Samuels' statements about relationships and love may be found in the book.
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