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Joe Namath Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Age, Height, Wife And Kids

What is Joe Namath's net worth? He is famous as Broadway Joe. Yes we are talking about Joseph William Namath. As of 2022, his net worth is $20 million.

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As of 2022, Joe Namath net worthis estimated at $20 million.
He is famous as Broadway Joe. Yes, we are talking about Joseph William Namath. He is born on May 31, 1943, in Pennsylvania. An American former professional footballer, regarded as one of the 100 greatest football players.
Currently, his age is 77 years, a height of 1.88m, a weight of 91 kg and holds an American nationality.

Joe Namath Early Life

He is born to Catholic parents in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Both his parents are catholic and were of Hungarian descent. In his family, he had 3 elder brothers and an adopted sister.
He studied at Beaver Falls High School and was excellent in most sports. Since the early days, he was a prominent quarterback. Soon in his collegedays, he received offers from League teams.

Joe Namath College Football Career

During his college days between 1962 t 1964, he served as a quarterback for Alabama Crimson Tide. He was the prime force behind Tide reaching the national championship in 1964.
Critics praised his performance, and his induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame was on the cards. However, playing from a predominantly black-skinned side, he always emerged as a starter amidst the national movement's height.

Only Joe Namath Can Pull Off A Fur Coat In July

Net worth$2 million
WifeDeborah Mays
Birthday31 May 1943
Age79 years
Height6 feet 2 inches tall
jersey number12

Joe Namath Professional - Football Career

Despite the knee injury he made through the first draft in both NFL and AFL. Only after the Orange bowl picked him, he made it to New York Jets at $427000. Jets remained winless in the first 6 matches, but they won 5 out of the last 8 games since his arrival. Even though he suffered from knee injuries throughout his career, he holds the record for 4000 yards in a season till 1979.
In the second half of his career, his knees had started to fall apart. He had undergone massive surgeries and compelled him to miss almost half of the possible games. Later in his career, he quit the game and went for knee replacement surgery.

Joe Namath Personal Life

He met Deborah Mays in a voice class in 1983. An aspiring actress who was 22 fell in love with Namath, who was 41. They tie the knot in 1984 and later became proud parents of two children Jessica and Olivia, born in 1986 and 1991.
After spending 15 long and happy years together, their companionship has started to fall apart. They separated in 200, and now children live with Namath in Florida.

Joe Namath Profile

The Broadway Joe - jersey number 12 is in his 79 years of life and still stands tall and smart with 6 feet 3 inches.

Joe Namath Wife

Deborah Mays, later known as Tatiana Mays, was the wife of Joe Namath. She is an actress and best known for her performance in The Greatest American Hero 1981. Her net worth is around $10 million.

Joe Namath Kids

He is a proud parent of two gorgeous girls Jessica and Olivia. Jessica was born in 1986, and Olivia was born in 1991. Both are grown up and live with their father in Florida.

Joe Namath House And Resident

He lives on Florida’s southeast coast in a sprawling 1.5 acres property. He is considered to have amassed a net worth of $20 million in 2022.
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