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Joanna Pettet - The Actress Who Survived A Fatal Accident

Joanna Pettet is a retired actress who gained prominence with parts in "Casino Royale" (1967) and "Pioneer Woman" (1973). Her other roles include Barbara Brown in "Charlie's Angels" (1980).

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Joanna Pettetis a former English actress. She was born in London but traveled to Canada with her mother to pursue a career as an artist. She eventually emigrated to the United States of America. She took a break from acting in 1990.
She began her professional career in theatre on 'Broadway,' where she had a successful run. Her theatrical performances were well-received by the audience. She eventually went on to work in feature films and television.

Joanna Pettet Early Life

Pettet was born in the London borough of Westminster. Harold Nigel Edgerton Salmon, a British Royal Air Force pilot killed in WWII, and Cecily J. Tremaine married in Chelsea, London, in 1940. Her mother remarried after the war and moved to Montréal, where she was adopted by her stepfather and given the surname "Pettet."
Pettet went to New York City when she was 16 years old. The Newspaper columnist Walter Winchell called her "a breathtaking teenage darling from Canada."
Joanna Pettet in tied-back hair while sitting on the floor
Joanna Pettet in tied-back hair while sitting on the floor

Joanna Pettet Career

Pettet began her career as an actress on stage. She went on to star in a number of 'Broadway' musicals, sharing the stage with some of the industry's biggest stars.
'Take Her, She's Mine,' 'The Chinese Prime Minister,' and 'Poor Richard' were some of her 'Broadway' pieces.
In 1964, she made her television debut as 'Millie Wilkins' in 'Route 66.'
'The Doctors' (as 'Judy Lloyd'), 'The Nurses' (as 'Carol Lloyd'), and 'The Trials of O'Brien' (as 'Liz Martin') were among the three series she featured in 1965.
In 1966, she made her feature picture debut. In the drama film 'The Group,' she was part of the ensemble cast. 'The Fugitive' (as 'Tina Andresen'), 'A Man Called Shenandoah' (as 'Julia Riley'), and 'Dr. Kildare' (as 'Yvonne Barlow') were among the three programs she featured in that year.
She starred as 'Ulrike von Seidlitz-Gabler' in 'The Night of the Generals,' as 'Mata Bond' in 'Casino Royale,' and as 'Kate Clifton' in 'Robbery.' In 1967, she appeared in three films: 'The Night of the Generals,' 'Casino Royale,' and 'Robbery.' She also played 'Serena' in the TV movie 'Three for Danger.'
In 1972, she was cast in six different television shows. She played 'Jesse Breton' in the TV film 'The Dark Side of Innocence,' and 'Katherine Hennessey' in the TV miniseries 'Captains and the Kings,' both in 1976. She appeared in another horror film, 'The Evil,' in 1978. 'Terror in Paradise,' a 1990 film, was her last on-screen appearance.
Joanna Pettet laughing and wearing a beaded crown and dress
Joanna Pettet laughing and wearing a beaded crown and dress

How Did Joanna Pettet Get Into An Accident?

Pettet, 78, was hunting for pebbles for her garden in a rural part of Anza, California, when "the earth gave way," and she was pinned behind a boulder, according to a lady who manages her official Facebook profile.
She located Pettet, who had been stuck for three hours. Pettet had surgery the next day to repair her shoulder and rotator cuff. Pettet has been home for two weeks after a brief time in the hospital, but her pain continues, as her friend explained.
Her friends stated, "The truth is - She is in horrible agony. And has lost all feeling and mobility in her right hand. None of the pain medications which the doctors prescribe seem to bring her any relief. The physical therapist comes a few times a week - But with the swelling and her relentless excruciating pain she has - He is very limited in what he can do for her."

Joanna Pettet Personal Life

In terms of her personal life, Joanna hasn't been particularly forthcoming with information about herself, but a few things have been made public. From 1969 through 1989, Joanna was married to American actor Alex Cord for 21 years.
Her only child, Damien Zach Chord, was born a few months after the wedding, but his actual father was actor Terence Stam; her son died in 1995 from a drug overdose. Joanna hasn't remarried since her divorce and now lives far away from the spotlight.
Another intriguing piece of information about Joanna is that she was a close friend of Sharon Tate, and she and Sharon were together in the afternoon on the fateful night when the Charles Manson followers murdered Tate; nevertheless, Joanna departed before the assassins arrived.
Joanna Petter putting a bandage on her husband's hand during a movie scene
Joanna Petter putting a bandage on her husband's hand during a movie scene

Joanna Pettet Body Measurements

Joanna was one of the most attractive actorsof her period, and her beauty helped her land the majority of her parts. Do you have any idea how tall she is or how much she weighs? Joanna is 5ft 7ins tall, or 1.7m, weighs 126lbs or 57kgs, and her vital statistics are 31-24-33; her bra size is 36B. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are blue.

Joanna Pettet Net Worth

According to IMDb, Wikipedia, Forbes, and a variety of other online document sites and reports, 77-year-old actress Joanna Pettet has a net worth of $9 million. As a professional actress, she amassed the most wealth. She was born in the United Kingdom.
Joanna Pettet wearing colorful shirt with blond hair and a golden necklace
Joanna Pettet wearing colorful shirt with blond hair and a golden necklace

People Also Ask

How Old Is The Actress Joanna Pettet?

The actress was born on November 16, 1942. Currently, she is 79 years old.

Is Joanna Pettet Married?

Joanna Pettet was married to Alex Cord between the years 1968 to 1989.

Who Played Joanna Pettet?

On the 8th of August 1969, Pettet had lunch at the house of actress Sharon Tate, only hours before the Manson Family committed murders there. This incident is depicted in the 2019 film Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood, in which Rumer Willis plays Pettet.


In this article, you can find everything about the glamorous actress of her time, Joanna Pettet. She has gone through many ups and downs in her career, but her movies are still cherished today.
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