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JK Rowling Received A Death Threat - How Many Other Celebrities Have Been The Targets Of Threats?


After JK Rowling tweeted about Salman Rushdie's horrific stabbing, she received a message on Twitter that she was "next."

The 57-year-old then tweeted a screenshot of a user's reaction that threatenedly read, "Don't worry, you are next."

The tweet, which is thought to have originated from an account in Pakistan, is currently being looked into by Police Scotland.

In light of the fact that social media has widened the distance between the general people and A-Listers, JK Rowling received a death threat; how many other celebrities have been the targets of threats like Mr. Rushdie and Ms. Rowling.

Celebrities Who Have Faced Such Threats

COPYRIGHT_PNW: Published on https://purenetworth.com/jk-rowling-received-a-death-threat-how-many-other-celebrities-have-been-the-targets-of-threats/ by James K. on 2022-08-17T11:49:09.161Z

The author of the Harry Potter series has gotten horrifying threats online before, and she most certainly won't be the last.

Salman Rushdie, who has received death threats for years, was stabbed at least 10 times on stage in New York on Friday, leaving him with serious injuries to his neck, face, and abdomen.

Hadi Matar, the suspect, has subsequently been accused with attempting murder.

JK Rowling immediately resorted to social media, saying that she was "extremely ill" after hearing the news about the author of The Satanic Verses.

After pictures of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sharing a kiss while on vacation leaked in 2011, Selena Gomez received a barrage of abusive comments from "Beliebers."

Following the former couple's trip to St. Lucia, the singer's page was inundated with several "I'll murder you" tweets.

Tom Daley and his diving partner, Pete Waterfield, nearly missed winning a medal at the London 2012 Olympics the following year.

In the men's synchronized 10-meter diving, the duo came in fourth.

Rileyy69, a Twitter user, later informed Daley that he had "let down" his father Rob, who had died from brain cancer the year before.

Rob had passed tragically.

Additionally, it was stated that a teenager was detained after making threats to "drown" the diver when he failed to place on the podium.

Sue Perkins, a former Bake Off host, stopped using Twitter after receiving several death threats there.

The broadcaster, was expected to succeed Jeremy Clarkson as the host of Top Gear.

Clarkson was fired by the then-BBC director general, Tony Hall, after punching producer Oisin Tymon.

JK Rowling Appeals For "support" After Rushdie's Remarks Prompt Death Threats

For seven years, Alex Gray, a stalker, tortured the singer Lily Allen.

Before being sectioned in 2016, he even broke inside her home.

The vocalist of Smile remarked, "It was absolutely awful, he broke into my house and it subsequently turned out he did mean to murder me and it really spun me up," in an interview on the George Ezra & Friends podcast in 2018.

The police didn't support it, they kind of attempted to downplay it, and I didn't learn what his goals were until the trial.

More recently, it was claimed that Kim Kardashian had to request a restraining order in May of this year.

An unknown person sent the 41-year-old entrepreneur more than 80 notes in the mail threatening to harm her and her four children.

JK Rowling death threat: How many celebs have experienced the same?


Following the event on Friday, JK said on Twitter that he was "feeling extremely nauseous right now" and denounced the "horrifying news."

Just let him be.

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