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Jenny McCarthy Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Husband, Kids And Salary

What is Jenny McCarthy Net Worth? Jenny McCarthy is a professional American actress and model. He has also worked as a television host.

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Jenny McCarthy net worthis $25 million as of 2022.
Jenny McCarthy is a professional American actress and model. He has also worked as a television host and is an author too. Jenny has done modeling for famous magazines such as Playboy. She is well known for her views on the vaccination debate. Jenny McCarthy's birthday is on 1st November, and her current age is 48.
Her height is 1.7 m, and her weight is around 54 kg. Her birth name was Jenny Ann McCarthy, and her nickname is Jenny. Her birthplace is Evergreen Park, Illinois, and her current residence is in Chicago. Jenny is American, Catholic, and has American citizenship.

Jenny McCarthy Early Life

Jenny McCarthy was born in a southwest Chicago suburb on 1st November 1972. Dan McCarthy and Linda McCarthy raised Jenny and her three sisters. They were catholic Catholic, and Jenny's family was a working-class family. Jenny went to Mother McCauley Liberal Arts High School. She was a cheerleader in her school times. Jenny also went to Southern Illinois University for graduation.

Jenny McCarthy Career

Jenny started her career in 1993 and posed for Playboymagazine. She was selected out of 10,000 applicants. She was offered $20,000 for her work and also, later on, got the title of Playmate of the Month for October 1993.
Her debut in Playboymagazine led to an uproar in her Catholic neighborhood. Her house was being pelted with eggs, and her sister was taunted in School. Later on, Jenny won the title of Playmate of the Year and was paid a salary of $100,000.
After this, Jenny hosted many shows like Hot Rocks,Singled Out, etc. Jenny, in 1996 got a role in the movie 'The Stupids.' After this, she worked in many more movies. Jenny also guest-starred in many television shows like Stacked, Charmed, Fastlane, and Two and a Half Men. She continued to model for Playboy magazine for years.

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Jenny McCarthy Husband And Partner

Jenny McCarthy and John Mallory Asher started dating somewhere around in late 1998. The couple got married in 1999 September. John and Jenny had a son Evan in 2002. later on, in 2005, Jenny and John got divorced.
Jim Carrey and Jenny started dating in 2005 but did not got married but were living together and after 5 years of the long relationship Jim and jenny split up. Jenny and Donnie Wahlberg started dating in 2019 and got married on August 31, 2014. Donnie Wahlberg is a Professional Actor and Singer. Both Jenny and Donnie have a combined net worth of $25 Million.

Jenny McCarthy Kids

Jenny McCarthy had one Child with John Mallory Asher, her former husband. The Child was born on 18 May 2002 in Los Angeles and later on, in 2005, was diagnosed with autism. The Child was named Evan.
His late 2005, John and Jenny got divorced. In 2013 Evan launched a YouTube channel in a collaboration known as Gaming USA. Currently, Evan lived with Jenny and his Stepfather.

Jenny McCarthy Parents

Jenny's parents are Dan McCarthy and Linda McCarthy. They had four daughters, and Jenny is the second of four daughters. The whole family lived together in West Elsdon, Chicago. They were a working-class family. Dan McCarthy was a steel mill foreman, and his wife Linda is a housewife.

Jenny McCarthy Siblings

Jenny has three sisters and is Lynette McCarthy, Joanne McCarthy, and Amy McCarthy. Joanne McCarthy was a former professional basketball player, and Amy McCarthy is an actress.
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