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Jeff Ross Net Worth in 2021, Age, Birthday, Height, Earning and Wife, Kids

Jeff Ross Net Worth in 2021, Age, Birthday, Height, Earning and Wife, Kids

Mar 14, 2021 01:59
Harriet Shaw

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Jeff Ross is a renowned standup comedian from America. He is also a writer and actor. He had appeared in the Comedy Central roast and is called the roadmaster general. Also, he had made a documentary film and is known for performing high-profile comedy roasts. He appeared in many cartoon projects, TV, and films. Maybe you know who he is very well but do not about his early life, career, personal life, and net worth. Here we have prepared a short biography that covers all the important details about him. So let’s start.

As of 2021, Jeff Ross's net worth is estimated at $4.5 million.

Jeff Ross early life

Jeffery Ross Lifschultz is widely called Jeff Ross. He was born on 13th September 1965, in New Jersey. He rose in a Jewish Family. He attended Jonathan Dayton High School. At 10 years of his age, he attained the level of black belt. He finishes his college studies at Boston University College of communication. Being a student he directed WTBU of BU. Also, he worked in an NPR affiliate. It isn’t known about whom he is dating presently. It was once found that he was dating Georgiana.

Jeff Ross career

In his career life, he had appeared in NYC open mic night. He had written and performed and produced comedy with many artists. He had appeared into the Comedy Central Roast 12 times. He is the present roadmaster general of NY Friars Club. He appeared in 2009 in the podcast and several comedies of central TV specials.

He too appeared in Celebrity Poker and was a contestant on dancing with the stars. The standup comedy has appeared in the animated TV series- shorties watching shorties. Also, he showed his appearance in several TV series and has appeared in CSI. The other TV roles include Six feet under, weds, wild n out.

In 2005 he became the director of Patriot Act-A Jeffery Ross home movie, a documentary film. Many comedy shows are written by him and he released his first book in 2009 September.

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Jeff Ross wife and girlfriend

He isn’t married. He had never been married. There have never been any relationships. Also, there has not been any mention of his kids. He is secretive and has never fallen in love with anybody.

Jeff Ross kids

Since he had not married and wasn’t fallen in a relationship with anybody he didn’t have any kid.

Jeff Ross parents

He was raised in a Jewish family. His father died because of drug-related causes when he was just 19 years old. His mother Marsha Lifschuttz is alive.

Jeff Ross siblings

He is having one younger sister named Robyn Lifschutt.

Jeff Ross personal details

  • Birthday 13 September 1965
  • Age 55 years
  • Height 79M
  • Weight 83KG
  • Birthname Jeffrey Ross Lifschultz
  • Nickname Jeff Ross
  • Born place and residence Springfield Township, New Jersey the US
  • Religion Jewish
  • Citizenship American
  • Nationality American

Jeff Ross discography

His discography includes two albums - No offense - Live in New Jersey and Bumping Mics with Jeff Ross and Dave Attell.

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