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Jasmine Davis Birth Name Is Real - She Gained Fame As Luke James' Transgender Girlfriend

Jasmine Davis is an African-American actress who is youthful and beautiful. Davis is best known for her role as Imani in the TV show The Chi, in which she co-stars with a lot of well-known actors, like Michael Epps.

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Jasmine Davis Birth Nameis Jasmine Davis. She is an African-American actress who is youthful and beautiful. Davis is best known for her role as Imani in the TV show The Chi, in which she co-stars with a lot of well-known actors, like Michael Epps.

Jasmine Davis Biography

Jasmine Davis was born to Peter Davis and Tamala Davis in December 1990. She was raised on the streets of California and spent most of her formative days there. Her parents had just one daughter, and she is the sole sibling of Jacky Davis and Jordan Davis.
Jasmine received her schooling at a local high school in California, the United States of America. She attended the University of California in Los Angeles, California, after graduating from high school, and obtained her B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Gender Studies in 2015.
Jasmine Davis in Black with down long black hair
Jasmine Davis in Black with down long black hair

Jasmine Davis Career

In terms of Jasmine's professional career, she began as a model before moving into the entertainment sector. In 2015, she made her acting debut as Kia in the television series Downward Doug, a short sci-fi comedy. Later that year, she portrayed Emma in "The Choice" and Cathy in "Abortion."
She starred alongside Kat Pasion, Bianca Stan, and others in the drama Deviants in 2018, where she played Candy. After the publication of this drawing, she earned a lot of praise and popularity. Troy Price directed the play, which was written by Amber Price.
She became more famous than Deviants in 2019 after starring as Claire in the action, comedy, and crime television series L.A.'s Finest. She then played Imani in the TV show The Chi, which ran from 2020 to 2021. She first appeared in the 2020 season and then again in the most recent season, which premiered on May 23, 2021.

Jasmine Davis Family

Jasmine Davis is the daughter of African American parents, Peter and Tamala Davis. She and her siblings were born and raised in a devout Catholic home in California. Jasmine is the family's only daughter, and her brothers are named Jacky and Jordan Davis.
She is currently living in her apartment in California. Even though she has a very busy schedule, she still manages to see her family on the weekends.

Jasmine Davis Gender

Previously it was revealed that Jasmine was transgender by birth, due to which her family started neglecting her as she belong to a strict religious family. This phenomenon left her broken and alone. She stayed away from people until she started acting. Even when she is transgender, she still has her real name, Jasmine Davis birth name.
After being successful in showbiz she decided to become a girl through surgery, which proved to be a pleasant and life-changing experience. Talking about that experience she said, “I had such a beautiful experience. I had my operation on Mothers Day. It was like I was giving birth to myself. The sun was shining I was in pain, but it was like God herself said welcome.”

Jasmine Davis Net Worth

Jasmine's net worth is projected to be $500 thousand dollars, with acting being her primary source of income. Before becoming an actress, she worked as a hairdresser. The National Science Foundation is now paying for her research on the self-esteem of native blacks, whites, and black immigrants, which is about how they feel about their own selves.

Jasmine Davis Age

In the year 1990, the actress was born. As of February 2022, she will be 32 years old. Her parents, Peter Davis and Tamala Davis, were both Catholics when she was born. She was having a hard time telling people her real name because she came from a traditional Christian home.

Jasmine Davis Height

Jasmine Davis has a very balanced height of 5 feet and 6 inches. Moreover, she weighs around 58 Kg. She has beautiful black eyes and brown hair.

Who Is Jasmine Davis?

Jasmine Davis is a Chicago-based television personality, actress, social media sensation, model, and social activist. Her involvement in the popular television series "The Chi" catapulted her to fame. She portrays Imani in the series.

Was Jasmine Davis A Guy?

Davis made history on the famous Showtime drama by being the first openly trans woman on the show. Prior to the broadcast, she acknowledged she wasn't completely honest about her situation with everyone.
In a recent interview with EBONY Magazine, she says, "I've always been upfront with my close friends or any partner that I've had." She recently said in an interview that after successful surgery, she had regained all of her femininity.


Jasmine chose surgery to become a full woman, which she described as a fantastic experience that allowed her to fully claim her identity.
Jasmine Davis birth name, who is multi-talented, is also a vocalist with an album due out shortly. She communicates with her admirers mostly through Instagram, where she posts photographs and tales to keep them up to speed on her daily activities.
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