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Isaiah Russell Bailey Age And How He Is A Rising Star In Hollywood

Isaiah Russell Bailey Age is was born in the United States of America on December 9, 2006, and he is 15 years old as of 2022.

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Isaiah Russell Bailey Ageis 15 years old as of 2022. He was born in the United States of America on December 9, 2006. He is an American actor, model, and dancer whose career took off after joining the cast of the Netflix show Family Reunion in 2019. He previously appeared in the television series Raven's Home and the film Throwback Holiday.
It was in 2018 that he had his first credited acting job. He made a cameo appearance on Criminal Minds. He's an expert in the parkour training discipline.

Isaiah Russell Bailey Wiki

Isaiah Russell Bailey is an actor, model, dancer, and social media personality from the United States. He was born in the United States of America. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California, the United States. His date of birth is December 9th, 2006. Isaiah Russell-Bailey is 14 years old, according to authorities. He is a devout follower of the Catholic faith.
He began his acting career at a young age. In 2018, he made his acting debut as Young Kevon Winters on the television series "Criminal Minds." He went on to star in the TV series "Giants" a few years later. He only worked on the show "Family Reunion" in 2019. As a lead actor, he appeared in a number of television episodes and films.
He is well-known for his role in the television series "Family Reunion." If you want to learn more about Isaiah Russell-biography Bailey's personal life, continue reading this page.
Isaiah Russell bailey hugging her mother and they are both wearing a sweatshirt
Isaiah Russell bailey hugging her mother and they are both wearing a sweatshirt

Isaiah Russell-Bailey Parents

Who is Isaiah Russell-Bailey parents?According to sources, Brittany Perry-Russell, Isaiah's mother, is also an actor. She has a lengthy history in the entertainment business and is best known for her recurring role as Tracy Porter in the television drama 13 Reasons Why.
His father, Howard Bailey Jr. is also very close to him and supports him in almost every aspect of his life. There are no brothers or sisters in his family. Since he was a youngster, Isaiah has had a passion for performing and dancing. He was raised in a kind and nurturing environment. His parents are really worried about his well-being and are quite supportive of him. To put it another way, he's having the kind of upbringing that will certainly shape him into a talented and self-sufficient adult.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey Height

He is unquestionably fit, and he works out on a regular basis to keep his health in check. He is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 52 kg. His hair is black, and his eyes are a dark brown color.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey Net Worth

He is an actor who has built a solid wealth via his job in terms of net worth and revenue. His net worth is also believed to be $200,000.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey Official

He is, however, largely inactive on social media sites other than Instagram and Facebook. He enjoys using these channels to communicate on crucial occasions with his supporters.

Is Isaiah Russell-Bailey Still On Family Reunion?

Isaiah is now starring as Shaka in the Netflix series Family Reunion, which will release a new season soon. You can also see him in the film We Can Be Heroes, in which his real-life mother also appears as his mother.


As a young artist, Isaiah Russell Bailey age is not a hindrance because his personal and professional lives are currently in balance, he is happy with his current situation. As he looks towards the future, he hopes to achieve even more and serve as an inspiration to others his age and to the younger generation that follows in his footsteps.
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