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Ines De Ramon Net Worth - The Wife Of 'Vampire Diaries' Actor


Ines De Ramon net worth is estimated to be around $2 million by various websites. Ines's work as a health coach is her primary source of income. But contrary to what her personality might imply, she keeps her salary and other financial information private.

In the same way, there is no information available on the assets and properties that Ines De Ramon now owns. She currently doesn't support any particular brands.

Ines De Ramon Education

Ines completed her high school education at a nearby local school in her hometown. About her major educational background, not much is known. Additionally, she pursued her Bachelor's in Business Administration at the University of Geneva.

The majors she chose to pursue throughout her undergraduate years are unknown, though. Ines is a very private person who wants to keep her online activities to a minimum, as was previously said.

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Career And Professional Life Of Ines De Ramon

Ines works as a health counselor and a fitness teacher. She has her fitness center where she works with people to keep active and maintain a healthy body.

She also holds certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. On the other hand, there isn't much to say about her professional career.

On the other hand, Paul Wesley is a director, producer, and actor from the United States. Paul is well-known for playing "Stefan Salvatore" in the renowned American television series "The Vampire Diaries." His female followers from all around the world appreciate his persona.

Likewise, once the series debuted, he enjoyed tremendous global renown. In addition to that series, he is also recognized for a wide range of other works, including his role in the television series "Tell Me A Story," "The Late Bloomer," "Before I Disappear," and others.

Paul has also made significant contributions to the American cinema industry through a variety of roles and acting styles. He has contributed to several incredible ventures in business as a producer and director as well.

Paul Wesley, Ex Husband of Ines De Ramon, In Black Suit
Paul Wesley, Ex Husband of Ines De Ramon, In Black Suit

Ines De Ramon Relationship Status

The 28-year-old's husband is Paul Wesley, an American actor, and heartthrob. When the pair were seen together by photographers in 2018, dating speculation began to circulate online.

They later admitted to being together, and they were shortly married. In 2019, they had a small wedding with just close friends and family invited.

According to her social media post, Ines and Paul also commemorate their anniversary of being together on July 23 every year. In America, the couple lives together happily.

Ines also occasionally posts images from their excursions to her Instagram account. There are no previous instances of her dating anyone but Paul.

Body Measurements Ines De Ramon

Ines stands at 5 feet 8 inches. She keeps a trim shape because she enjoys working out. It appears that the health coach exercises frequently and adheres to a balanced diet.

She also has lovely brown eyes that go very well with her features. Ines has dark hair that is naturally bouncy.

Ines De Ramon Social Media

Social networking doesn't particularly appeal to her. As a result, she is currently exclusively active on Instagram. In the future, she might utilize other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but for now, she isn't very active there.

She has the handle @inesdrmn on Instagram. She also has 120k Instagram followers and has so far published 51 posts on her page. Similarly, she published her first image on her account in November 2016.

When Did Ines De Ramon Met Her Husband For The First Time?

Many of Paul Wesley's admirers were unaware of the enigmatic woman in his life before they were first sighted together in June 2018. Before she wed the acclaimed Hollywood actor, director, and producer, Ines was hardly known.

His low-key, surprise wedding ceremony, which many of his followers didn't learn about until it was finished, caused a commotion among them. After a gathering, they were seen holding hands as a couple in New York City in June 2018.

Ines de Ramon and Paul Wesley, on the other hand, didn't seem to be willing to feed the public on what drew them together and how their union came to be, in contrast to many other couples who would have at this time made their love and engagement public.

They haven't been out in public much since getting married in February 2019. Ines, on the other hand, has been seen wearing a small silver band with a round diamond on it. This shows that she is, in fact, Paul's wife.

There haven't been any births in their marriage as yet. It will be hard to know if and when they have a kid since Ines is a secretive person and does not want to be open about her pregnancy while she is pregnant.

Ines De Ramon posing With smiling face while enjoying the beach view
Ines De Ramon posing With smiling face while enjoying the beach view

Is Ines De Ramon Paul Wesley’s First Wife?

The union of Paul Wesley and Ines is not his first. In actuality, he has been married twice in the last several years. Between his two marriages, he had an important relationship that many people thought would end at the altar, but it didn't.

Wesley's first union, with Torrey DeVitto, tragically ended in December 2013. Torrey, a well-known American actress, producer, musician, and former model, wed Paul Wesley in April 2011. Unfortunately, their beautiful wedding ceremony became little to rejoice about once things started to falter in July 2013.

In December of the same year, the entire structure finally toppled after making a severe impact with a rock. Later, Paul Wesley began dating Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin.

The two had been friends before beginning a love connection, after having first connected while working together on the Vampire Diaries set.

They frequently uploaded photos of their good times together as a pair, so they could be found all over their social media. But in a cruel turn of events, they split up in October 2017.

Soon later, in 2018, speculations regarding Paul's connection with Ines de Ramon began to circulate, and as you now know, the rumors were accurate because the two are now the same.

Some Facts About Ines De Ramon

Ines De Ramon was born in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. She is a fitness fanatic, a health coach, and a celebrity friend.

When they were spotted together in June 2018, news that Ines De Ramon was dating her boyfriend Paul quickly spread online.

Several online publications say that Ines's total net worth is about $2 million. Ines De wed "Pawe" Tomasz Wasilewski in a private ceremony in February 2019.

Celebrity NameInes de Ramon
Popular ForWife of Paul Wesley
Estimated Net Worth$2 million
ProfessionHealth coach, Fitness Enthusiast
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
Birth SignN/A
Birth Date1992
Height5 feet 7 Inch
Body Measurement35-27-36 inches
Weight68 KG
Body TypeN/A
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

What Is Ines De Ramon Net Worth?

Ines De Ramon has had a very successful career and is quite well-liked. Here is the information if you are one of those people that search for Ines De Ramon's net worth. Ines De Ramon's net worth is assessed at $2 million.

Some Interesting Facts About Ines De Ramon Lifestyle

  • She detests drinking alcohol.
  • She hardly even enjoys smoking cigarettes.
  • She enjoys eating nutritious meals.
  • she detests eating outside.
  • She only likes food made at home.
  • Ines De has a passion for cooking.
  • She also enjoys acting a lot.
  • She gives her personality a lot of attention, and it is looking quite wonderful.
  • She enjoys keeping his physique in shape and enjoys coming to the gym.
  • She does not alter the setup in any way.
  • She hands Gym the paperwork and knows Gym.
  • He has a home with his parents.
  • Compared to his family, Inse De is highly active.
  • She is popular among many individuals due to his individuality.

People Also Ask

Who Is Ines De Ramon?

Ines De Ramon is an American social media influencer, health coach, and fitness fanatic.

How Old Is Ines De Ramon?

Ines De Ramon, an American fitness fanatic, health instructor, and celebrity companion, was born in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. He is 30 years old.

What Is The Height And Weight Of Ines De Ramon?

Ines De Ramon weighs is 68 kg and is 5 feet 6 inches tall.


Ines De Ramon, a fitness fanatic, health coach, and celebrity companion from Los Angeles, California, was born in 1992. She is most known for being the Ex-wife of American actor, director, and producer Paul Wesley.

Due to Ines De Ramon's satisfaction with her current circumstances, the balance between her professional and personal lives is currently tilted. In addition to achieving many goals in the future, she hopes to inspire her peers and future generations.

There is no doubt that Ines De Ramon's career will prosper in the future. Her career and personal life can only become more successful in the future with our best wishes for her. Here's hoping.

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