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How To Select A Content Writer For Your Blog

How to select a content writer for your blog, and what are the most important criteria for employers? Here's what you need to know as a blog owner.

James K.
Jul 07, 202210486 Shares141707 Views
Many people decide to start a blog as it is a good way to become popular or promote products and services. Your goals may be different, but the result will always be promising. The ability to attract a huge audience is the dream of many young people. But the problem is that not everyone knows how to create good content and win the audience's recognition. That's why you need a content writerto help you shorten your path to success. But how do you choose such an expert, and what are the most important criteria? Here are the key details you need to know.

Study Skill Level

First of all, you must determine that a potential candidate for the position of writer can perform tasks that are important to you. This is why you should ask people to send you portfolios. Analyze the articles you see and compare their quality. By the way, you can also create a test task for all the writers who want to work with you. This approach is especially important for young people who want new employees to be able to handle their instructions.
But the problem is that creating a good test task will require a lot of time from you. That is why you should set aside time for such activity in advance. But what if you are a student and cannot spend several hours on third-party activities? Find Speedy Paper help online, and you won't have to worry about your assignments.

Portfolio Matters

What if your blog is intended for a narrow audience like system administrators, architects, or nurses? Surely you need someone who will understand the specifics of the content and the most relevant topics. Let's say about ten writers have expressed a desire to work with you and sent you their portfolios. Take a look at the published articles and choose who the most experienced writer is. Perhaps you should look for publications with similar topics in each portfolio. This approach is quite laborious, but you will surely achieve positive results.

Create a Test Task

You may not want to spend a couple of weeks reading articles and analyzing each candidate's portfolio. That is why the test task is the best way to reduce the time of finding a writer. Create instructions that make it clear that candidates understand the context of each paragraph and the purpose of the tasks. As a rule, this approach will allow you to weed out people who do not understand anything in your business niche. In addition, you will understand who is ready for challenges and non-standard topics.

Pay Attention to Enthusiasm

If your blog is about creativity and fresh ideas, you need enthusiasts. Look for people who love your chosen information niche. But how do you know if the content writer you hire is eager to write interesting articles? First of all, you will be able to understand this during a direct interview. If you plan to create a remote vacancy, arrange a meeting in the office or any other place. Then an online conference in Zoom or Viber can be a good alternative. Write down at least ten questions that would allow you to determine each candidate's level of involvement and enthusiasm.
As a rule, you will easily understand that the person in front of you does not show enough motivation. The fact is that there are several categories of content writers. Please beware of the so-called universal experts. They are ready to take on any task and cover all topics, regardless of their level of knowledge. As a rule, such writers create mediocre articles and copy information found on other sites. A true expert is eager to craft interesting articles and will certainly show you that he wants to be part of your team.

Discuss Deadlines and Schedules

And here is another important nuance that you should discuss in advance. Most likely, you will hire a remote writer who will not be near you around the clock. This fact means that you will have to negotiate all deadlines and schedules in advance. Discuss a test period and plan your content strategy for the next few days. This approach will allow you to understand whether the writer is ready to send you articles on time. As a rule, professionals do not have problems with deadlines and publication schedules, so that you can find a responsible employee.

Final Words

All of the above approaches will allow you to reduce the time it takes to find professionals for your blog. Try not to rush and carefully analyze each candidate. But don't forget about the basic criteria for not wasting time on people who are not interested in becoming part of your team. Pay attention to enthusiasts ready to be at the forefront of the creative team and popularize your blog. This approach will allow you to achieve the desired results.
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