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Horatio Sanz Accuser - SNL Hosts Are Added As Enablers In Her Claim

A Pennsylvania woman sued comedian Horatio Sanz, SNL Studios, and NBCUniversal more than a year ago. Now, she wants to add Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Fallon, and "Saturday Night Live" creator Lorne Michaels to the list of defendants, saying they helped Sanz do what she says was wrong.

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Aug 26, 20222 Shares389 Views
In a lawsuit filed last year, Horatio Sanz accuserlay charges against former "Saturday Night Live" star Horatio Sanz of sexual assault.
This week, she asked a judge to add Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels, and Tracy Morgan as defendants because they allegedly helped Sanz do wrong.
In a new complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the accuser, who is only known as "Jane Doe," says that "SNL" producer Michaels fostered a predatory environment by letting underage girls go to "after-parties" and "after-after-parties" where they were given alcohol.

Horatio Sanz Accuser Added More Claims

Woman Accusing Former ‘SNL’ Star of Sexual Assault Claims Jimmy Fallon, Others Enabled Him

A Pennsylvania woman who is suing former Saturday Night Live cast member Horatio Sanz for allegedly sexually assaulting and grooming her when she was underage.
She also asked that Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels, and Tracy Morgan be added to the suit as defendants.
She says that they gave Sanz permission to act the way he did, which was first reported by Variety.
The complaint was first filed by Jane Doe in August 2021. NBCUniversal, the parent company, is also named as a defendant.
Vanity Fair has reached out to Fallon, Michaels, and Morgan's reps to get their thoughts.
Doe says in the lawsuit that Sanz started "grooming" her after they met online when she was 15 and a fan of SNL.
She says that during the after-show tapings in 2000, Sanz was "flirty and physical" with her.
She also says that she went to SNL parties, after-parties, and "after-after-parties" when she was underage in 2001 and 2002.
She accuses Sanz of touching her inappropriately and sexually assaulting her during and after an event in May 2002, when she was 17.
The lawsuit says that Morgan rented out the space for that party.
The suit claims that Fallon and Sanz would drink at parties with the defendant.
Doe says that Fallon once asked her how old she was, and she said she was a junior in high school.
Doe says she met Michaels at a different party and that the SNL head gave her advice on how to get ahead in her writing career.
When the suit was first filed last summer, it was said that 18 NBCU employees, such as Fallon, Michaels, and Morgan, knew or should have known about Sanz's alleged wrongdoing.
Andrew Brettler, Sanz's lawyer, has said that the accusations are not true.
In August of last year, he said in a statement, "This person's claims about Horatio Sanz are completely false. No matter how many times she repeats her ridiculous claims or tries to get other famous people to join in to get attention from the media, they will always be false. Before she filed this anonymous lawsuit, she asked for $7.5 million to keep quiet. We, of course, said no, and we will fight hard against these completely false claims."
Doe's new lawyer, Susan Crumiller, told Vanity Fair about the $7.5 million claim, "Jane's settlement demand was made at the request of defense counsel and had nothing to do with a promise of silence. The fact that he is now claiming extortion is a lie and a joke."
In April 2022, NBCUniversal asked the court to throw out the case.
At the time, lawyers for the company said, "Employers do not have a general duty to protect third parties from sexual abuse by their employees."
A spokesperson for NBC told Vanity Fair about the most recent filing, "NBC plans to renew its motion to dismiss, no matter how Jane Doe's story changes."


Horatio Sanz accuser also named as 'Jane Doe' filed her lawsuit under a state law that gives victims of child sex abuse a "lookback window" of two years.
This lets them sue for things that would have been too late to sue for under the statute of limitations.
Crumiller wants a hearing on September 8 to get permission to file the new complaint against Fallon, Michaels, and Morgan.
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