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Is Harry Holland Working In Films In 2022


Harry Robert Holland is an actor, director, and writer from the United Kingdom. Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker/Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film series, is his younger brother. Holland grew up in southwest London and had a rather ordinary life. He grew interested in the entertainment sector at a young age, thanks to his parents' encouragement.

Filmmaking quickly became his biggest passion. He began uploading his short films on YouTube as a teenager. Harry Holland made his acting debut in the 2012 film 'The Impossible,' starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. He also had the chance to work with Tom for the first time in a film.

Harry Holland Biography

Harry Holland is a well-known British actor and director who was born on February 14, 1999. Tom Holland and Sam Holland are his brothers. He was born in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, to Dominic Holland and Nicola Elizabeth Frost. He has two other brothers, his twin Sam and his younger brother Paddy, in addition to Tom. His father is a comedian and novelist, while his mother is a photographer.

Teresa Holland and John Charles Anthony Holland, his paternal grandparents, were originally from the Isle of Man and Tipperary, Ireland. He grew up in southwest London and had a rather ordinary upbringing. Encouraged by his family, he began working in the entertainment industry at a young age.

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Harry Holland Body Measurements

Let's see, how old is Harry at the moment. Taking into account his birthday, February 14, 1999, he is now 22 years old. His height is 5 feet 9 inches in inches, 1.75 in meters, and 175 in centimeters. Furthermore, his weight is 55 kg (121 lbs). And, as a man, we discovered that his physical measurements are 38-29-36.

Relationship Status

In terms of his present love life and relationship status, Harry does not provide any information. According to the reports, he is a single man (as of July 2021). Holland enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as traveling. On social media, he also shared a lot of his moments with his buddies, which was great. The majority of the photographs Harry offers are from his work set.

Harry holland taking a selfie with his siblings, all of them smiling and standing side by side
Harry holland taking a selfie with his siblings, all of them smiling and standing side by side

Harry Holland Career

Harry, like his twin brother Sam, made his cinematic debut in 2012 with The Impossible, a catastrophe drama thriller. He plays the boy in the tent in the film directed by Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. Harry said in an interview with Celeb Mix that his experience in Thailand while shooting 'The Impossible' inspired him to pursue a career in acting. In 2013, he portrayed young Prince Harry in the film Diana.

Following that, Harry appeared in a short film called Tweet in which he played himself. Hugo Hans: Wildrunners, a short film he appeared in 2016, was his second appearance. In his brother's film, Cherry, the British actor had a cameo appearance as the Shaky Kid (2021). He also acted as Tom's assistant in the film.

In addition, Harry has directed five short films. Tweet (2015), Hugo Hans: Wildrunners (2016), In the Middle Of The Night (2016), Storybook Ending (2016), and Roses For Lilly (2016) are only a few of them (2020).

Harry Holland Net Worth

Harry is one of Hollywood's richest and most well-known performers. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, actor Holland's net worth is believed to be between $2 million and $5 million. With his twin brother, he made his acting debut in the 2012 film (short) The Impossible.

Harry holland wearing a brown fur coat
Harry holland wearing a brown fur coat

Interesting Facts About Harry Holland

Harry Holland (age 22) was born in England on February 14, 1999. He is a well-known actor. Harry Robert Holland is his full name. The Impossible (2012) and Diana are two of his greatest films (2013). In London, he attended an acting class. He also has a "Harry Holland" YouTube account. On his YouTube account, he has over 71k followers. He's also made the covers of a number of prestigious magazines. On Instagram, Harry has over a million followers. He also manages The Brothers Trust, a charitable organization, as well as an online hoodie shop and a goods line called The Brothers Trading.

Harry Holland is an actor, director, and writer from the United Kingdom. He is the younger brother of Tom Holland, a well-known actor. He is a filmmaker, actor, and photographer. He comes from a family of artists and he is talented as well.

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