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Florence May King Net Worth - $1.5 Million, Relationship With Candice King, Lifestyle And More


The daughter of a previous actress that was associated with Vampire Diaries is Florence May King.

She is the daughter of The Fray guitarist Joe King and Vampire Diaries actress Candice Accola.

Additionally, it was her parents that helped her become famous. The five-year-old is grabbing the interest of many in the business because of the renowned popularity of her parents. Here is everything you need to know about Florence May King net worth.

Who Is Florence May King?

AnyConv.com__Florence May King
AnyConv.com__Florence May King

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King, Candice Daughter of Florence May King She is the child of Joe King and Candice Accola.

Her mother is a gifted actress who managed to win hearts for her part, and her father is the musician. The Vampire Diaries, one of the finest comedies, included her acting.

In October 2014, the pair were hitched. The couple did, however, announce their pregnancy the following year.

The couple made their pregnancy announcement in August of 2015. Additionally, they had their daughter the next year. Florence May King was the name given to the dynamic couple's kid.

There are two elder half-sisters for the kids. Ava and Elise are the half-sisters. Her father's side is represented by her half-sister.

On January 15, 2016, the couple welcomed a daughter into the world. Additionally, she goes by the names King and May.

There is no likelihood that she has married someone since she is just five years old right now. She also doesn't have a partner.

She is also a very happy girl who enjoys her parents' social media accounts. Scrolling through the couple's social media pages reveals the children's sweetness and attractiveness.

The account has evolved into somewhat of a digital scrapbook that documents her development from a young, attractive youngster.

The child's physical information is not available on any social media. Her height and weight are also unknown to the general public. Such confidential information about their kid has been preserved by the parents.

Education And Early Life

Florence May King And Her Mother In The Swimming Pool
Florence May King And Her Mother In The Swimming Pool

There isn't much information available on social media about Florence's schooling and early years.

Florence's parents are quite well-known and like the limelight, but they have managed to shield their kids from the attention. Additionally, the celebrity child's early years are not documented on any social media.

There is no virtual platform where people can share whether they have enrolled their kid in a school or not, or if she is attending any art courses or not.

However, social media is full with Joe King Florence May King's love for her daughter. The star kid sometimes enjoys the limelight.

Furthermore, there isn't much information in the media about her early years. After learning more about her, we want to develop her profile.

Quick Bio Facts

Real NameFlorence May King
Birthday2016 (age 6 years)
UncleKree Thomas Accola
GrandparentsKevin Accola, Carolyn Accola
ProfessionCandice King’s daughter
ParentsCandice King, Joe King
AgeAs of 2022 his age is 6 Year old
Net Worth$1.5 million

Net Worth Of Florence May King

Florence May King In The Tummy
Florence May King In The Tummy

One of the wealthiest families includes the kids. She has earned a spot on the list of the wealthiest family members.

The source claims that it has been established that the children now have a net worth of around $1.5 million.

The five-year-parents old's are her main source of income. She is very wealthy because of her successful performer parents in the Hollywood business.

Florence May King Family, Parents, & Siblings

Florence May King Parents
Florence May King Parents

Fortunately, Florence May King comes from a family with connections to the entertainment business.

Her mother Candice is an actress and singer, and her father Joe King is a musician. Her parents adore her dearly, and in September 2020, they are expecting a second child. She will soon welcome a darling brother or sister into the world.

Due to her father's prior relationship, Florence May King has two elder step-sisters called Ava and Elise.

She will undoubtedly be a gifted artist if she chooses to pursue a career in the entertainment sector since both her maternal grandparents were environmental engineers and surgeons.

Facts About The Child

Florence May King And Her Mother
Florence May King And Her Mother

The details are still not enough for you? Let's look at some fascinating details regarding the kid.

  • When Florence's parents gave birth to her, she was among the most well-liked family members.
  • She also made the cut for the exclusive list of well-known celebrities who were born in the US after her.
  • Her parents gave her the name of the place where they were married. In Florence, Italy, the pair exchanged vows. As a result, the kid was given the name Florence.
  • Pope Francis blessed the unborn child during his 2015 visit to the United States.
  • Capricorn is Florence's horoscope sign.

Florence may king

People Also Ask

What Is Florence May King Net Worth?

Capricorn is Florence May King's horoscope sign. Capricorn is a classic and often highly serious zodiac sign that is said to symbolize time and duty, according to astrologers.

These people have a sense of inner freedom that allows them to make major strides in both their personal and professional life.

They are experts in self-control and possess the capacity to set the pace, develop plans that are sound and practical, and oversee a large number of employees at any same moment.

They will grow from their failures and succeed entirely through their experience and knowledge.

What Is Florence May King Chinese Zodiac Sign?

In the Year of the Monkey, Florence May King was born. The Monkey is the Chinese Zodiac sign for those who were born with a strong sense of humor.

They lack self-control while being vivacious, positive, and terrific listeners. They like being busy and stimulated, and they prioritize their own happiness above that of others.

They have weak morals, are heartbreakers, and are bad at maintaining long-term relationships. Rat or Dragon-compatible.

What Does Her Name Mean?

From the Latin florens, florentines, which means "I blossom/flower/thrive," Florence is derived. The name of the month, May, is also derived from the Roman fertility goddess Maia.

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Who Did Florence, Candice King’s Daughter, Grow Up With?

Adorable The youngest member of the family is Florence. Her two elder half-sisters, Ava and Elise, reared her.

Taking care of his two girls from a previous marriage has fallen entirely on Joe King. Being that Ava and Elise reside with her father, Florence is overjoyed to have two wonderful sisters.

Florence's happy demeanor with her half-sisters, Ava and Elise. This picture comes from josekingseco/Instagram.

The three sisters seem to get along well and support one another all the time. Joe King's Instagram feed is filled with pictures of his girls, which speak for themselves.

It was a great blessing for Florence to grow up with her half-sisters. The actress Candice may be glad to learn that her daughter enjoys a close relationship with Ava and Elise.

Cute Florence loves her sisters and cherishes the time she gets to spend with them. As the youngest child, she experiences healthy love and attention from her family. As a consequence, Florence grows up feeling a lot of affection from her half-siblings.

Did Florence May Have A Prosperous Life?

Candice King's daughter Florence has an equally happy and amazing life. Her parents are providing her the best life possible so they can always see her beautiful smile and pleasure.

Florence and her half-sisters go to many amazing places with Joe and Candice. In 2019, Joe also brought all of his daughters to Mexico for a wonderful father-daughter vacation.

While Candice King's net worth is said to be approximately $4 million, Florence seems to be living a beautiful and happy life. Florence and her family had a vacation in Florence, Italy.

As a consequence, Florence's life is greatly enriched by Joe and his wife, Candice. With her loved ones, she seems to never forget what a lovely childhood she is experiencing.


Florence May King As A Baby
Florence May King As A Baby

There are still many things that cannot be found on any social media when it comes to learning more about the celebrity kid in-depth.

Nevertheless, we want to update this biography as soon as we learn more about her. Keep checking our website for updates.

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