Famous Actors with a Gambling Addiction

Famous people are closely followed by mainstream media and by their fans on social media. The news that creates the most heat is particular stories about the poor decisions or bad habits of these well-known individuals. Here, we look at some famous actors who have overcome a gambling addiction, including a couple of names who have played the role of successful gamblers on film.

Whilst most people consider gambling a form of entertainment, with the fun of a potential big win, others can become unhealthily obsessed.  It is simple to find a safe and secure baccarat casino online and the best will have support to those who begin to find the gambling experience an uncomfortable one. All casinos registered in the UK must be part of a multi-operator self-exclusion scheme that allows an individual to make a single request to self-exclude from online as well as land-based sites.

Famous Actors with a Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction

An addiction is repeating a behavior whilst knowing that it has a detrimental psychological or social effect. Some may lose sight of the real value of money, instead of focusing on a win, wanting more, and unable to stop. There is no logic with regards to addiction and though it is always recommended to gamble responsibly, some find that is not always possible.  Here are some famous actors who have dealt with a gambling addiction.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has had an amazing acting career with roles in Scary Movie 3, 9/11, Due Date, Mad Families, and more. However, he is perhaps as well known for being on the front page for many different misdemeanors. According to his former wife Denise Richards, he used to spend around USD200,000 each week on gambling.

Over the years he spent millions of dollars to bet on sports as well as on regular games of poker. Sheen has since recovered from his addiction and chooses not to gamble anymore.  He has inspired other problem gamblers who are no longer having fun when placing a bet since gambling should really be about fun.

Tobey Maguire

Famous for his roles in Spider-Man films as well as in The Great Gatsby, Cats & Dogs, and more, Tobey Maguire got sucked into playing poker to such an extent that it turned into an addiction. He became involved in an illegal poker ring which led to him being taken to court and fined.  As a very proficient poker player, Maguire has been able to rein in his addictive personality which also witnessed issues with alcohol and he has reportedly won USD10 million by playing poker games in casinos and has been very public about winning several thousand more illegally.  He is also still being active and successful in the World Series of Poker.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a talented actor best known in hit movies Batman Vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and others.  His skill in poker and blackjack saw him win the 2014 California State Poker Championship. However, he was often accused of fraud and card-counting, which was the reason he was banned from Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino for life. Affleck checked himself into a rehab facility to solve his gambling problem and today he no longer gambles irresponsibly.

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