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Eden Mccoy Is Best Known For Portraying Josslyn John Jacks On ABC's General Hospital

Eden McCoy is an actress and social media celebrity from the United States. Her portrayal of Josslyn Jacks on the ABC drama series General Hospital catapulted her to stardom.

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Eden Mccoyis one of Hollywood's rising stars, having achieved popularity with the part of Josslyn Jacks in the TV series "General Hospital" (2015–2019), among countless other projects on which she has worked thus far.

Eden Mccoy Bio

Eden McCoy is an actress and social media celebrity from the United States. Her portrayal of Josslyn Jacks on the ABC drama series General Hospital catapulted her to stardom. She debuted as the 6th actor to play the character on the show in 2015. Aside from that, she followed a good diet and went to the gym often, which aids in the development of her physique.
Her fan following has developed over time, and she now has over 350 thousand Instagram followers. She has verbally committed to play for the Women's Beach Volleyball Team at the University of Southern California in the Class of 2025. She maintains online contact with a large social circle and a fan group.

Eden Mccoy Early Life

Eden was timid as a child, but her parents recognized her ability for the performing arts and enrolled her in a drama camp, where she was found by a talent agency. She appeared in a play, and soon after, an agent asked her parents for permission to work with her. Her career began right then and there.
Despite this, she did not stop studying. She graduated from The Marlborough School and went to the University of Southern California.
Eden enjoys volleyball as well as acting, and as of September 2017, she was rated sixth in her age group in the state of California.
Eden McCoy and William Lipton together
Eden McCoy and William Lipton together

Eden Mccoy Career

In 2011, she made her feature film debut in "Perfect Man," an indie film. More opportunities started to come up, and she was able to audition for Nickelodeon and land a lot of roles in many episodes.
She appeared in the comedy "The Thundermans," opposite Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo, and Chris Tallman, in a small part. The program tells the story of a family with superhuman abilities who attempt to live a regular life. The series lasted four seasons.
She later joined Kel Mitchell, Madisyn Shipman, and Benjamin "Lil' P-Nut" Flores, Jr. in the comedy series "Game Shakers." The show follows two kids as they build a popular video game, which leads to their starting their own video game company and recruiting several of their friends.
She went on to work on a few theatre performances after her participation in the show, primarily with the Los Angeles Opera. The fourth-largest company in the country is known for having regular operas and other events all year long.

Eden Mccoy General Hospital

Before landing her most noteworthy part to date, Eden had a cameo role with Disney in "Walk the Prank," which aired on Disney XD with Cody Veith and Bryce Gheisar, before landing her most noteworthy part to date. After successfully applying for the position, she won her greatest role in the serial opera "General Hospital" in 2015.
After picking her up from school, her mother informed her that she had landed the part. According to Guinness World Records, the medical drama is the longest-running US soap opera and the second-longest-running show in US television history, after "Guiding Light." It is the third longest-running show in the world, after "The Archers" and "Coronation Street" in the United Kingdom.
Initially, the show focused on the lives of people associated with General Hospital in an undisclosed city. It chronicled the narratives of two families, gradually introducing others as the show grew in popularity and moved to new areas.
Its highest ratings were achieved in the 1980s, when Luke and Laura, the show's most popular super pair, were introduced. It has been rated as one of the finest television series of all time due to its tenacity and duration.

Eden Mccoy Real Life Boyfriend

Brian Dennis, with whom she had been in a relationship for almost a year, had broken up with her. Currently, it appears like she and her "General Hospital" co-star William Lipton have a lot going on—the two have yet to declare their romance, but have recently begun spending more time together than normal.

Does Eden Mccoy Play Volleyball

She is a competitive volleyball player who, as of 2018, was representing the Endless Summer Volleyball Club. Eden also created an Eden McCoy Beach Volleyball YouTube channel in 2017 for her admirers to watch her play volleyball.
By 2025, she wants to be a member of the University of Southern California's "Women's Beach Volleyball Team." Eden has a lot of fans. She has more than 50k Twitter followers and more than 250k Instagram followers, which is a lot.

What Is Eden Mccoy Famous For?

Eden McCoy, a two-time Emmy nominee, is best known for her role as Josslyn John Jacks on ABC's General Hospital. She has performed in indie films, national commercials, and print campaigns, as well as guest-starring in Nickelodeon comedies like The Thundermans, Game Shakers, and Disney's Walk the Prank.

Is Jocelyn Still On General Hospital?

While some fans are anxious that if McCoy continues her studies, she would leave her position as Josslyn Jacks, the General Hospital star has stated that she will remain on the program for at least another three years. She explained, "I just love both too much to not do them both."


Eden is single and avoids discussing her personal connections. She is juggling her acting career with her studies. She committed to playing volleyball in collegeand was scouted by the University of Southern California (USC). For the time being, she has about a year of high school remaining before she can apply to the famous institution if her acting obligations don't get in the way.
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