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Darius Mccrary Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Age, Height, Wife and Movies

Darius Mccrary Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Age, Height, Wife and Movies

Jan 06, 2020 03:44
Harriet Shaw

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Darius McCrary life and careerDarius McCrary bornDarius McCrary birthdayDarius McCray ageDarius McCrary heightDarius McCray spousesDarius McCrary childDarius McCrary movies listDarius McCrary best moviesDarius McCrary 10 facts

Darius Jaren McCrary is a famous American actor, singer, and producer. He is known for his superb acting. His renowned television show is the ABC/CBS television sitcom family matters, where he played Edward Eddie Winslow's role. He has also given the voice of jazz in the transformers reboot in 2007.

Darius McCrary life and career

Mccrary started his career as a child actor in 1987comedy, Big Shots. He performed many successful characters like Eddie Winslow. He was born in Walnut, California, united states. He married three times and divorced each of his wives subsequently. He has one child and one sibling. He is a successful actor, singer, and producer.

As of 2021, Darius McCrary's net worth is at $17 million.

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Net worth$17 million
ProfessionActor, Singer, and Producer.
WifeJuliette Vann, Karrine Steffans, Tammy Brawner
BirthdayMay 1, 1976
Age44 years old
Height1.9 m tall
ChildZoey McCray
FatherDarius McCrary
Weight87.5 kgs to 106.5 kgs
BornCalifornia, united states
Zodiac signTaurus

Darius McCrary filmography

Darius has worked in several films like:

  • 1987- big shots
  • 1988- Mississippi burning
  • 1998- park day
  • 2001- kingdom come, 15 minutes
  • 2002- hostage
  • 2011- 35 and ticking
  • 2013- the marriage lover
  • He has also performed in famous television shows like,
  • 2008- the life and the times of Marcus felony brown
  • 2009- a cold case
  • 2015- minority report

Darius McCrary music career

One album is Darius McCrary, titled “all about you,” where he is the writer and performer. Artists of this album are Emcee and N.I.C.E. this music album was released in 2016.

Darius McCrary award nominations

The actor was nominated three times in 1988, 1989, and 1993 for bigshots, Mississippi burning, and family matters, respectively, as the best young actor in motion picture comedy and television series.

Darius McCrary occupation

Darius McCrary is an active actor, singer, and producer. He is indulged in acting and investing money in movies.

Darius McCrary born

Darius McCrary was born on May 1, 1976, in California, united states.

Darius McCrary birthday

The actor celebrates his birthday on 1st May, and he will celebrate his 43rd birthday this year.

Darius McCray age

Darius McCrary is 44 years old, according to his birth year, 1976.

Darius McCrary height

Darius McCrary enjoys the right height and about 1.9 m tall.

Darius McCray spouses

Darius McCrary married three times and has two unsuccessful marriages. He first married Juliette Vann in 2005 and divorce in 2006; Juliette is a showgirl as a profession. Darius's second wife, Karrine Steffans 2009 and divorce her in 2011; Karrine is an American author as a profession. And his 3rd wife was Tammy Brawner in 2014, is an American actress as a profession, and in 2020 she also left Daris McCray.

Darius McCrary child

Darius McCrary has one child named Zoey McCray.

Darius McCray father

Howard McCrary is the father of Darius McCrary.

Darius McCrary siblings

Darius McCrary has one brother named Donovan McCrary.

Darius McCrary family

Darius' McCrary is living with his spouse Tammy Brawner and daughter Zoey McCrary.

Darius McCrary house and residence

Darius McCrary lives in the woodland hills, California. According to sources, he sold his former house in 2006.

Darius McCrary weight

The weight of Darius McCrary can be between 87.5 kgs to 106.5 kgs.

Darius McCrary movies list

Darius McCrary worked in various famous movies. As a renowned actor, he played his roles in:

1. 1988- Mississippi burning 2. 1998- park day 3. 1999- the breaks 4. 2001- 15 minutes 5. 2002- hostage 6. 2004- the maintenance man 7. 2006- Da Jammies 8. 2007- transformers 9. 2008- a good man is hard to find 10. 2009- busted 11. 2011- 35 and ticking 12. 2013- the marriage lover

Darius McCrary best movies

Some of Darius McCrary's best films are big shots, Mississippi burning, the breaks, kingdom come, 15 minutes, next day air, etc.

Darius McCrary songs

Darius McCrary released his album in July 2016 with the title all about U. He was the writer and performer in the song. Artists were Emcee and N.I.C.E.

Darius McCrary tv-shows

As a television actor, Darius McCrary has performed his best roles in some of the excellent television series like;

1. 1987- amen 2. 1988- what’s happening now 3. 1989-1998 – family matters (most famous) 4. 1991- war games 5. 1996- Kidz in the wood 6. 1997- don king: only in America 7. 2015- leftovers 8. 2016- star

Darius McCrary religion

Darius McCrary is a Christian and follows Christianity.

Darius McCrary nationality

Darius McCrary is an American by nationality as he was born in California, united states.

Darius McCrary zodiac sign

The Zodiac sign of Darius McCrary is Taurus.

Darius McCrary 10 facts

Here are ten facts related to Darius McCrary:

1. He is known for his character of Eddie Winslow 2. He was born in California 3. He is an actor, singer, and producer 4. He married three times, divorced his two wives. 5. He is living with a third wife and his daughter 6. Known for giving the voice of jazz in transformers 7. Real name is Darius Jarren McCrary 8. His famous movie is Mississippi burning 9. His renowned television show is family matters 10. He released a music album in 2016 titled all about U.

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