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Canadian Actor Dakota Goyo Net Worth In 2022

Dakota Avery Goyo (born August 22, 1999) is a Canadian actor who has been in a number of films. He is well recognized for his roles as Max Kenton in the film Real Steel (2011) and Jesse Barrett in the film Dark Skies (2009), among other films (2013). His voice may also be heard in the DreamWorks Animation film Rise of the Guardians, where he portrays Jamie (2012).

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Dakota Goyo (born August 22, 1999) is a Canadian actor who has been in a number of films. Dakota Goyo net worthis $2 million as of 2022.
He is well recognized for his roles as Max Kenton in the film Real Steel (2011) and Jesse Barrett in the film Dark Skies (2009), among other films (2013). His voice may also be heard in the DreamWorks Animation film Rise of the Guardians, where he portrays Jamie (2012).

Dakota Goyo Early Life

Dakota Avery Goyo's parents, Debra and David Goyo welcomed her into the world on August 22, 1999, in Toronto, Canada. He has Scottish ancestry on his mother's side and Italian ancestry on his father's side, according to his father's family tree. His mother, a former model, and singer is in charge of his professional life. Dallas and Devon, his two elder brothers, are his closest friends. Dakota attended Cardinal Carter Catholic High School, where he received his education.
A young Dakota Goyo wearing a grey sweater
A young Dakota Goyo wearing a grey sweater

Dakota Goyo Family And Personal Life

Dallas Goyo and Devon Goyo are his older brothers. He is connected to Ryan Malcolm, the winner of Season 1 of Canadian Idol, albeit they have never met. Goyo is an Italian surname that was originally spelled Goio. Dakota's father (David) is of Italian and Canadian descent, while his mother (Debra) is of Scottish and Canadian descent. Dakota has openly declared that he admires Oscar-winning actor, film producer, and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio. He has also shown an interest in becoming a director at some point. His zodiac sign is Leo.
In terms of his personal life, little is known about any of Goyo's romantic engagements. Numerous sources say he is unmarried since he is still young and focused on his job development. He adheres to a vegan diet. and is frequently seen indulging in sports such as golf and snowboarding. Since his departure from the profession, he has maintained an interest in movies and is close friends with several performers.


Dakota's career in the entertainment world began when he was a 2-week-old infant and landed a TV commercial. In 2005, he voiced the character 'Little Blue' in Disney's Canadian–American interactive stop-motion musical comedy series 'JoJo's Circus,' which was developed for preschool children. The following year, he starred as 'Brett' in Helen Shaver's action-adventure–comedy TV film 'Ultra.' He also directed and produced the film.
Dakota appeared as ‘Teddy Kernan,' son of ‘Erik Kernan Jr.,' in the 2007 American sports drama ‘Resurrecting the Champ,' directed by Rod Lurie and starring Samuel L. Jackson (played by Josh Hartnett). Dakota was nominated for a ‘Young Artist Award' in 2008 for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Actor Age Ten or Younger. In addition, he appeared in the Canadian drama film 'Emotional Arithmetic' (2007). The film premiered at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival and was distributed in Canada on April 18, 2008.
In 2008, he voiced a little boy in the American–Canadian interactive CGI computer-animated TV series 'Super Why!'. In the Canadian–American superhero comedy-drama film ‘Defendor,' he played ‘Jack Carter-9,' which had its global premiere on September 12, 2009, at the ‘Toronto International Film Festival.' He appeared in the 2009 thriller TV movie 'My Neighbor's Secret,' which aired on 'Lifetime.' That same year, he appeared in the TV movie 'Solving Charlie,' as well as the shows 'Murdoch Mysteries' and 'The Listener.' A popular Canadian-American animated instructional television series for children aimed at ages 4 to 8 included his voice as "Timmy Tibble" in 2010. The following year, he played the character of 'Young Thor' in the American superhero blockbuster 'Thor,' directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Chris Hemsworth. The film was a runaway success, receiving overwhelmingly good reviews from critics.
In the American science-fiction sports film 'Real Steel,' he was cast in the starring role of 'Max Kenton,' the estranged son of 'Charlie Kenton' (played by Hugh Jackman). On September 6, 2011, the Shawn Levy film opened at the 'Le Grand Rex' in Paris. The 'Academy Award'-nominated film was a major economic success, paving the door for Dakota to star in several subsequent famous films. It also earned him the 'Young Artist Award' in 2012 for 'Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actor.'
He appeared as 'Josh' in an episode of the Canadian–American horror–fantasy anthology series 'R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour,' titled 'Flight.' Dakota was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the category of "Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series" and a "Young Artist Award" in the category of "Best Performance in a TV Series - Guest Starring Young Actor 11–13" for this role in 2012.
He provided the voice of 'Jamie Bennett' in the 3D computer-animated action-fantasy film 'Rise of the Guardians,' which was created by 'DreamWorks Animation.' On October 10, 2012, the film premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival, and on November 13, 2012, it made its international premiere at the International Rome Film Festival.
He played alongside Keri Russell, J. K. Simmons, and Josh Hamilton in the American science fiction horror film 'Dark Skies,' which was released on February 22, 2013. The picture proved a box office smash, grossing $26.4 million against a $3.5 million budget.
Dakota played the younger version of Noah in the Darren Aronofsky-directed American epic biblical drama picture 'Noah,' while Russell Crowe played the older version of the figure. Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson, Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman, and Ray Winstone also appeared in the picture. On March 10, 2014, it had its global debut in Mexico City. On March 28, 2014, it was released in the United States. It was a huge success, collecting $362.6 million at the box office against a budget of $125 million.
In the Canadian–Italian family adventure–drama film ‘The Journey Home,' he portrayed the lead character of ‘Luke,' co-starring alongside Goran Vinji and Bridget Moynahan. On November 13, 2014, the film was released in Italy, and on September 4, 2015, it was released in Canada.
Dakota Goyo wearing a white polo and black leather jacket
Dakota Goyo wearing a white polo and black leather jacket

Dakota Goyo Net Worth

Dakota Goyo's net worth is estimated to be $2 million, earned through a successful acting career. He has been involved in the entertainment industry since 2005 and has worked on projects continuously until 2014. He has remained silent since then, and the current state of his career is unknown. In spite of this, all of his efforts have contributed to putting him in the position he is currently in.

How Old Was Dakota Goyo In Real Steel?

Dakota Goyo Interview - Real Steel

He won the role of Hugh Jackman's kid in the 2011 DreamWorks film Real Steel, beating out 2,000 other young hopefuls. On September 6, 2011, the Shawn Levy film premiered at the ‘Le Grand Rex' in Paris. The picture, which was nominated for an Academy Award, was a major economic success and paved the way for Dakota to star in a number of other significant films. In 2012, he was also awarded the ‘Young Artist Award' for ‘Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actor.'
According to the classification system, "some violence, dramatic action, and brief language" are included. There are a couple of statements spoken by Max (Dakota Goyo), the 11-year-old boy who serves as the central character of the film, that most parents would prefer not to hear come out of their children at that young age. However, they aren't so horrible that you'll find yourself clapping your hands over your children's ears.
The violence, on the other hand, is a different story. Because the majority of the violence in Real Steel is inflicted on robots by other robots, it is unlikely to enrage viewers. However, there is one scene in which Charlie (Hugh Jackman) is violently beaten up by many men, and Max is manhandled and restrained despite being just mildly injured. It's a dramatic sequence, albeit there's just a little blood and much of the beating occurs in partial darkness, so it lacks some detail that may have made it more difficult to watch. It's the only sequence in the movie that's likely to traumatize children above the age of six, and I believe most children would be fine if they knew it was coming. Please note that this occurs immediately following Atom's victory over Twin Cities in the World Robot Boxing League.

Where Is Dakota Goyo From?

His parents and two brothers, Dallas and Devon, who are both actors, reside with him in Toronto. He enjoys biking, soccer, skiing, golfing, and horseback riding when he is not working or attending school.

Social Media

He, like many other actors, is very active online through social media accounts. He has over 46,000 followers on the website Instagram, where he uses the platform to give a glimpse into his life outside of acting. He also has a Twitter account with nearly 45,000 followers, but he hasn't used it since 2018. Another one of his accounts is on Facebook, where he has over 82,000 fans, but this account is also dormant, with no recent posts since September 2020.

People Also Ask

How Rich Is Dakota Goyo?

Dakota Goyo net worth is $2 million.

Does Dakota Goyo Still Act?

As of now, there is no confirmation regarding his retirement from acting. Since 2005, he has been working in the entertainment business, and he hasn't stopped until 2014. Since then, he's been quiet, and no one knows what's going on with his career. Even so, all of his hard work has helped him get to where he is now.

How Much Is Dakota Goyo's Salary?

Unfortunately, his salary per episode and per month is not available to the public.


Since he stopped working in the industry, he is still good friends with a number of actors. He has said that he wants to be a director one day, and he looks up to Leonardo DiCaprio's work.
With his hard work as a kid, Dakota Goyo net worth is said to be $2 million.
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