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Cydney Moreau Net Worth, $500.000 - Everything You Need To Know About The Hot Model

Former D1 track athlete, fashion model, Instagram influencer, and United States of America Ambassador Cydney Moreau is from Louisiana.

Her Instagram account, dubbed 'cydrrose,' is well-known for sharing fashion-related stuff.

She amassed a following of over 1.2 million people on Instagram. Cydney is getting a lot of press these days because of her boyfriend Antonio Brown (football wide receiver).

In November 2021, she and her boyfriend were suspected of obtaining a forged vaccination certification, which might result in his imprisonment.

Read the complete biography to learn all there is to know about Cydney Moreau's net worth, age, husband, and profession.

Complete Report On The Fake Vaccine Card Scandal

Cydney Moreau Face
Cydney Moreau Face

She is claimed to have ordered their personal chef to manufacture a phony Covid vaccination card, putting the couple in hot water.

She contacted her cook, according to various accounts, to enable Brown to join the team. The pair sought to circumvent the league's anti-unvaccination policy.

Following that, Cydney and Antonio got into a fight with their cook over a $10,000 bill.

He went on to describe the tale to the Tampa Bay Times after their fight, disclosing the player's bogus vaccination card.

His immunization card, on the other hand, is said to be immaculate by the Buccaneers. Sean Burstyn, Brown's lawyer, indicated that Antonio Brown is aware of the COVID-19 pandemic's significance.

He even said that he was completely immunized, healthy, and ready to win another Super Bowl.

Cydney Moreau Husband, Marriage, Relationship History

Cydney Moreau Legs
Cydney Moreau Legs

In late 2019, this model was romantically related to her Nicky Jam (reggaeton star). He even proposed to her for marriage on February 14, 2020, St. Valentine's Day. However, after a few months, they decided to break off their engagement.

She became famous on the internet when numerous media sources recognized her as Antonio's girlfriend.

He is a professional football player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League.

On the other side, this model has never published any images with her partner on her massively successful Instagram account.

Because they have never divulged anything about their personal life, their love story remains a mystery.

This football star was previously married to Chelsie Kyriss before dating this Instagram model.

The names of the former couple's three kids are Apollo Brown, Antonio Brown Jr., and Ali Brown.

Antanyiah Brown is his daughter, and Autonomy Brown is his son. Antanyiah Brown's mother is Wiltrice Jackson. His ex-girlfriend, Jena Frumes, was also engaged in this player's romance.

Who Is Her Boyfriend, Antonio Brown?

Cydney Moreau Sexy
Cydney Moreau Sexy

Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr. was born on July 10, 1988, in Miami, Florida, USA. His zodiac sign is Cancer, and he is an American citizen.

He is most remembered for his stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL), with whom he reached Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011, which he lost 31-25 to the Green Bay Packers.

Antonio was reared in Miami by his father 'Touchdown' Eddie Brown, who played football in the Arena Football League, and his mother Adrianne Moss, along with his brother Desmond Brown, who is also a professional football player.

Antonio grew interested in football while attending Miami Norland High School, and after graduating in 2007, he enrolled at Central Michigan University, where he was first asked to take a test before being awarded a football scholarship.

Antonio dropped out in 2010, making himself available for the 2010 NFL Draft, when he was taken as the 195th overall choice by the Pittsburgh Steelers; on June 15, he signed a three-year deal with them for $1.28 million.

Antonio was selected to the 2012 Pro Bowl, where he helped the AFC defeat the NFC 59-41.

In the same year, he signed a new five-year deal with the Steelers for $42.5 million, and Antonio was named to the Pro Bowl for the second time in 2013.

Cydney Moreau’s Net Worth

Cydney Moreau Photoshoot
Cydney Moreau Photoshoot

She was a professional model and Instagram influencer with over 1.2 million followers as of November 2021.

According to her Instagram page, she has worked with a number of big fashion labels, including Musesonly Inc., Revolve, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things, Princess Polly, Shein, and others.

Throughout her remarkable career, she has worked on several print advertisements for major fashion apparel labels.

Cydney has also partnered with a number of sports and apparel companies. Wilhelmina Modeling Agency represents her. As of 2021, she has a net worth of about $500,000 US dollars.

Cydney Moreau Career, Modeling, And Brand Deals

Cydney Moreau And Nicky Jam
Cydney Moreau And Nicky Jam

Cydney works as a professional model and digital content provider. She's also one of the most prominent fashion influencers on Instagram, having over 1.2 million followers as of this writing.

She entertains her fans by providing photos of herself modeling, fashion advice, and lifestyle stuff. Cydney has also worked with a variety of lingerie and bikini businesses.

According to her Instagram profile, Moreau was a D1 track athlete in the past. Time and Tonic, a high-end jewelry and watch manufacturer, has made this model a brand ambassador.

Hobbies And Other Interests

Cydney Moreau Posterior
Cydney Moreau Posterior

Cydney is a fashionista who reads some of the most prominent fashion publications, such as "Elle" and "Vogue," to stay up with the current fashion trends. She's also a shopaholic, since she goes clothing shopping almost every day.

Cydney enjoys traveling, and her job has brought her all across the United States, as well as to a number of European and Asian nations. Her favourite vacation spot is Paris, France.

Cydney loves dogs, and her little Chihuahua can be seen in many of her Instagram photos. Summer is Cydney's favorite season since she likes sailing and sunbathing at the beach.

Cydney enjoys late-night movie watching, and her favorite actors and actresses are Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, and Gal Gadot, with "Good Will Hunting," "Wonder Woman," and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" among her favorite films.

People Also Ask

Who Is Cydney Moreau?

Cydney Moreau was born on December 19, 1994, in Louisiana, United States of America, to his parents and is now based in Miami, Florida, where she pursued a career in fashion.

Cydney Moreau is 28 years old as of 2022, and their zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She went to a local school in her hometown for her schooling and then earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Louisiana, where she competed as a Division I collegiate track athlete.

Who Is Cydney Moreau Fiance?

Cydney Moreau and her boyfriend, Nicky Jam, are recently engaged. Nicky Jam, her spouse, is an American singer and songwriter who specializes in the Latin trap and reggaeton genres.

The two met on the shoot of Jam's music video "Atrevete," and it is thought that they started dating soon after. In December of this year, Cydney and Nicky made their relationship official.

How Old Is Cydney Moreau?

On December 19, 1994, Cydney Moreau was born. She is now 27 years old.

Where Was Cydney Moreau Born?

Cydney Moreau was born and raised in Louisiana, USA.


Cydney Moreau Body
Cydney Moreau Body

Cydney is an Instagram celebrity, with over a million followers and over 1,500 photographs published to the platform, the most of which were shot during her modeling photoshoots.

Cydney started her Twitter account in February 2012, and she already has about 500 followers and has tweeted nearly 3,000 times; she posts comparable things on Twitter as she does on Instagram.

Cydney has a Facebook account, but it seems that she just uses it to communicate with her friends and family.

Cydney has a TikTok account, which has about 200,000 followers, and she has over 500,000 likes across all of her videos, the majority of which include her working out, lip syncing, and dancing.

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