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Curtis Stone Net Worth - The Sexy Chef In Love With Culinary Art

Australian celebrity chef and television personality Curtis Stone net worth is $25 million. The Biggest Loser, "Iron Chef America," "Top Chef Masters," and other Food Network shows all featured Curtis.

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Australian celebrity chef and television personality Curtis Stone net worthis $25 million.
The Biggest Loser, "Iron Chef America," "Top Chef Masters," and other Food Network shows all featured Curtis.
He has a contract that makes producing and guesting for NBC exclusive. He also produces a brand of cutlery under his own name.

Quick Facts About Curtis Stone

Date of BirthNov 4, 1975
Place of BirthMelbourne
Height6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
Salary$100 Thousand Per Episode
Net Worth$25 Million

Who Is Curtis Stone?

Curtis Stone smiling
Curtis Stone smiling
Curtis Stone is Jewish-British by heritage, an American by marriage, and an Australian by birth.
The father of two was raised as a chef in Melbourne, Australia, where he was born. If not for his obsessive love of eating, he would have ended up in the corporate world after receiving his business degree.
His kitchen employment started in Australia before he made the decision to come to London in search of better possibilities.
He landed his first job at the Savoy Hotel when he was there. Later, renowned restaurateur and chef Marco Pierre White approved his application to work with him at Café Royal and Mirabelle.
Stone was inspired by Marco after reading his cookbook, White Heat, and became his student.
The Australian chef advanced swiftly through the ranks, first becoming the Chef de Partie and then the sous chef.
As a consequence, the culinary celebrity caught the eye of several publications, who included him as one of London's best chefsin a featurette.
The enthusiastic response led to his receiving special television interviews. As a consequence, Curtis became a well-known chef, writer, and television personality.

An Appetizing Career

Curtis Stone in the kitchen cooking
Curtis Stone in the kitchen cooking
Stone's travels brought him first to the Savoy Hotel in Melbourne where he worked as a chef, but it wasn't until he got to London that real chefs began to notice his culinary prowess.
Stone was welcomed by Marco Pierre White to the Grill Room staff, and after only six months of employment, White's other restaurants hired him as the Chef de Partie due to Stone's outstanding work ethic.
One year later, Stone was establishing himself as the new restaurant's head chef. Due to his recent rise to fame, he received an opportunity to co-host Surfing the Menu with fellow Australian chef Ben O'Donoghue.
His chiseled looks and captivating appeal captivated crowds in droves, and the TV agreements didn't stop there.
As the presenter of Take Home Chef, a long-running smash program on TLC, Stone made his debut in the United States in 2006.
Because of the exposure he received here, he was given a spot on the judges' and investors' panels for America's Next Great Restaurant.
Only one year later, he landed his most lucrative chance to date as the new presenter of Top Chef Masters because of his good advice and endearing grin. Only television accelerated his success on the outside.

Curtis Stone’s Net Worth

Curtis Stone is a well-known Australian celebrity chef and television host with a $25 million net worth.
On the Food Network, Curtis has been on programs including "Iron Chef America," "Top Chef Masters," "The Biggest Loser," and others.
He has a contract with NBC that allows him to create and guest appears on their shows. He also has a name-brand range of silverware.
The cost of Stone's presence on Top Chef Masters is $100,000 per episode, not including his previous broadcast roles. But Stone earns a lot of money from sources other than the big screen.
Maude and Gwen continue to make a sizable profit even though neither establishment has a cook on staff. Some of that money is sent straight to their founder's bank account.
His decade-long agreement with Coles Supermarket of Australia would nonetheless have guaranteed his fortune year after year even if his premises hadn't paid the bills on their own.
All of those sources of revenue are active, but his cookbooks are a passive source of money that cannot be disregarded.
Stone sells books to generate money, starting with Surfing the Menu, his 2005 literary debut, through his most recent work, Good Food, Good Life, published in decade letter. His real estate portfolio is one more noteworthy addition to his source of income.

Home Of The Stone

Stone made a reservation for a house in the Hollywood Hills when he immigrated to the United States.
But he had to give up the bachelor pad because of his blossoming romance with Lindsay Price. Lucky clients may now lease the estate for between $15,000 and $16,000 a month.
Stone and Price were compelled by their relationship to move to a shared house in Los Angeles where they and their kids could live in peace. However, they would not remain there indefinitely.
In 2018, the family moved to Mandeville Canyon with their children. The $7.9 million was taken out of Curtis Stone's $30 million wealth to build the new house.

People Also Ask

How Many Restaurants Does Curtis Stone Own?

For each episode, he hosted of "Top Chef Masters," Stone received $100,000. According to Daily News, Stone owns three eateries, including the Michelin-starred Maude, Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant, and Georgie by Curtis Stone, which generates additional revenue.

Where Does Curtis Stone Live?

Stone proposed to Price in July 2012, and the two were wed on June 8, 2013, in Spain. They reside in Los Angeles and have two kids, Hudson and Emerson.

How Many Michelin Stars Does Curtis Stone Have?

In Beverly Hills, Curtis Stone debuted his first eatery, Maude, on February 1st, 2014. In the California Michelin Guide for 2019, Maude received a Michelin star.


By creating bestseller cookbooks, award-winning restaurants, and trademark flatware, Curtis Stone has left his mark on history indelible.
Even our television screens were crowded by this multidimensional personality, who hosted programs that featured his cuisine for a global audience.
Curtis Stone began his career in the busy metropolis of Melbourne as just another unknown face before rising to fame on a worldwide scale.
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