Cosculluela Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Age, Wife and Albums

What is Cosculluela Net Worth?

Cosculluela is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who hails from Puerto Rico; this singer’s net worth is around $12 million in 2021. This singer has made his way up to Billboards. He is a rapper and collaborates with different artists.

Cosculluela early life

Cosculluela was born and raised in the gated community of Palmas Del Mar. His father was a Cuban, and his mother is a Puerto Rican.

Cosculluela career

Cosculluela began his career by producing underground mixtapes with his brother and friends at 16.

Net worth$12 million
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter
WifeJennifer Fugenzi
BirthdayOctober 15, 1980
Age40 years
Height5foot 9inches tall
MotherPuerto Rican
Zodiac signLibra
NationalityPuerto Rican

Cosculluela controversy

Cosculluela was engaged in a controversy in which one of the singers dissed him, which consisted of foul languages. Many people raised their voices against the dissed track singer, after which Cosculluela got popular.

Cosculluela discography

Cosculluela’s discography mainly consists of single albums, collaborations, and singles.

Cosculluela education

Cosculluela completed his high school at Colegio San Antonio Abad, where he developed a passion for golf, tennis, and surfing. He has a passion for tennis in which he also played for his school.

Cosculluela born

Cosculluela was born on October 15, 1980, to a Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother.

Cosculluela birth name

Cosculluela’s birth name was Jose. The formal name of his is José Fernando, Cosculluela Suárez. Cosculluela is his nickname.

Cosculluela birthday

Cosculluela celebrates his birthday on October 15.

Cosculluela age

Cosculluela is 40 years old.

Cosculluela height

Cosculluela has an average height. He is 5foot 9inches tall. The personality of the singer makes him look much taller than he is.

Cosculluela occupation

Cosculluela is a rapper, singer, and songwriter by profession. He is also a renowned rapper. He has fluency in songwriting and rapping, which makes him a proper professional singer and rapper.

Cosculluela house and residence

Cosculluela lives in a lavish house which is situated in Humacao, Puerto Rico.

Cosculluela albums

There are numerous albums available of Cosculluela in which he either featured or collaborated. In these albums and songs, most of them are singles that are of his production. Some of them are as follows:

  • “No Hacen Na”
  • “El Armageddon”
  • “No Pidas Perdon”
  • “Te Va Ir Mal”
  • “La Calle Llora”
  • “Dime Con Quien Andas”
  • “Asi Es Mi Vida”
  • “One Blood”
  • “Somos De Calle”
  • “Full Records R.I.P”
  • “Tu Y Yo Solos”
  • “Un Pesito”
  • “Ella No Es Fácil”
  • “Click, Clack”
  • “No Necesito”
  • “Na Nau”
  • “La Reunión De Los Vaqueros”
  • “Permanent”
  • “Dime Quien”
  • “Cuidau Au”
  • “Blam”
  • “Pa’ Que Te Quites La Ropa”
  • “Latin Girl” (Chosen Few)
  • “Cuando Cae La Noche”
  • “Latin Girl Remix”
  • “Bien Dura”
  • “Dinero Y Fama”
  • “Patrullando”
  • “Bye”
  • “El Juego”
  • “A Dem”
  • “Titerito”
  • “Si Te Me Pegas”
  • “A Tu Gata Le Gusta” (featuring Jolhe and Vistol)
  • “Viviendo FreeStyle” (featuring O´Neill)
  • “En La Lenta (featuring Farruko)
  • “Yo Te Amé”
  • “Solo Verte”
  • “La Nueve Y La Fory”
  • “Con Calma” (featuring Elio ‘MafiaBoy’)
  • “Solo Verte” (Remix) (featuring Wisin and Divino)
  • “Los Mejores Del Mundo” (Capítulo 1) (featuring Kendo Kaponi)
  • “Trankilo Sin Vender Kilo”
  • “La Liga Enterre” (featuring Kendo Kaponi, El Sica)
  • “Tírale” (featuring O’Neill and Franco “El Gorila”)
  • “Mátalos” (Capítulo 3) (featuring Kendo Kaponi)
  • “Peligro” (Capítulo 4) (featuring Kendo Kaponi)
  • “Santa Cos” (RIP Tempo)
  • “Presión” (featuring Wisin)
  • “Sistema” (Remix) (featuring Wisin, Jory, Tito El Bambino, Eddie Avila)
  • “Voy A Beber” (Remix 2) (featuring Nicky Jam, Ñejo, Farruko)
  • “Payaso” (featuring Mysta El Propio)
  • “Mutaciones En Mute” (RIP Genio Y Baby Johhny) (featuring El Sica)
  • “Pa’ la Pared” (featuring Jowell & Randy)
  • “Jingle El Coyote The Show” (2014)
  • “Tic Toc” (RIP Tempo)
  • “Cansa’o de lo Mismo” (featuring El Sica)
  • “Humilde Pero Cotizao” (featuring O’Neil)
  • “Si Mañana Muero” (featuring Pacho & Cirilo)
  • “Flow De Criminales” (featuring Yomo)
  • “Se Tienen Que Retirar”
  • “Provando Voces”
  • “No Hay Adversario”
  • “Lary”
  • “Guitarra Mia”
  • “Guerras Callejeras” and many more

Cosculluela old songs

Cosculluela released his first album in 2009, which is El Príncipe. “Na Na Nau,” “Prrrum,” and “Plaka Plaka” are some of the old songs of him. These old songs are quite popular.

Cosculluela best songs

“Program” is one of the best by Cosculluela. This song has provided a massive level of popularity to this singer.

Cosculluela wife

Jennifer Fugenzi is the wife of Cosculluela. They got married in 2015. They are living a happy life together until now.

Cosculluela family

The family of Cosculluela comprises her wife. There is no such information about his extended family.

Cosculluela father

Cosculluela’s father was Cuban. The name is being disclosed until now.

Cosculluela mother

Cosculluela’s mother is a Puerto Rican. There is no information about her name.

Cosculluela siblings

Cosculluela has a brother who is known as Jamie. With Jamie, he started producing underground tracks, which are quite famous and made him a star overnight.

Cosculluela real name

The real name of Cosculluela is José Fernando, Cosculluela Suárez. Cosculluela is just the official name of this rapper.

Cosculluela nicknames

El Principe is the nickname of Cosculluela. In this name, he has also released a song that gained massive popularity.

Cosculluela religion

The religion of Cosculluela is unknown.

Cosculluela nationality

Cosculluela is a Puerto Rican by nationality. Though his father was Cuban, he prefers to live and be a citizen of Puerto Rico.

Cosculluela zodiac sign

Cosculluela is a Libra. As per his birth date, which is in October, he has this zodiac sign.

Cosculluela interesting facts

  • He started producing underground tapes with his brother Jamie and his friends.
  • Famous Reggaeton producer DJ Buddha has found him out due to his exemplary talent.
Photo ofJosé Fernando Cosculluela Suárez.
José Fernando Cosculluela Suárez.
(El Principe)
Job Title
Rapper, Singer and Songwriter
Urbano music

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