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Cody Ko Net Worth - From Vine Star To YouTube Sensation

Cody Ko is a multi-talented entertainer who has made a name for himself in the world of comedy, music, and podcasting. Cody Ko's net worth has been a topic of interest for many fans and followers, and in this article, we will take a closer look at his career and estimated net worth.

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Cody Ko is a multi-talented entertainer who has made a name for himself in the world of comedy, music, and podcasting. He started out as a Vine star in the early 2010s and has since moved on to creating content on YouTube, where he has amassed a large following. Cody Ko net worthhas been a topic of interest for many fans and followers, and in this article, we will take a closer look at his career and estimated net worth.

Quick Facts About Cody Ko

NameCody Ko
BirthdayNovember 22, 1990
Net worth$6 million

Early Life Of Cody Ko

Cody Ko was born on November 22, 1990, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was raised in a middle-class family along with his two siblings, a sister named Krista and a brother named Ryan. His father is of Korean descent and his mother is of Canadian descent.
Growing up, Cody Ko was a competitive swimmer and was very active in sports. He attended Springbank Community High School, where he was known for his sense of humor and love of making people laugh. He was also a member of the school's improv club, which allowed him to showcase his comedic talent.
After high school, Cody Ko attended Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, where he pursued a degree in computer science. While at Duke, he continued to participate in improv and also became involved in music. He played in a band and even released an album, but ultimately decided to pursue a career in entertainment.
Cody Ko's early life and experiences in sports, music, and comedy have influenced his career and helped shape his unique brand of humor. His ability to connect with audiences and make people laugh has made him a popular figure in the world of entertainment.

Cody Ko YouTube Channel

THAT'S CRINGE: Epic Morning Routine

Cody Ko's YouTube channel, simply named "Cody Ko," is his main platform for creating content and engaging with fans. He launched his channel in 2015 and quickly gained a following for his comedic commentary on internet trends and pop culture.
On his channel, Cody Ko produces a variety of content, including vlogs, sketches, and reaction videos. He is known for his "That's Cringe" series, where he comments on cringy content found on the internet. He also frequently collaborates with other YouTubers, such as Noel Miller, and the two have their own podcast called "Tiny Meat Gang."
Cody Ko's channel has amassed over 6 million subscribers and over 1 billion total views. His content has resonated with audiences and has helped establish him as a prominent figure in the YouTube community. In addition to his main channel, Cody Ko also has a second channel called "Cody Ko's Second Channel," where he posts behind-the-scenes content and vlogs. He also posts music-related content on his third channel, "Cody & Noel."

Music And Podcasting Career Of Cody Ko

In addition to his YouTube career, Cody Ko has also made a name for himself in the worlds of music and podcasting. Cody Ko began his music career by playing guitar and singing in a band during his time at Duke University. In 2017, he released a solo EP titled "Bangers & Ass" and followed it up with another EP called "Big Pissin'" in 2018. His music has a comedic edge and often features lyrics that poke fun at pop culture and societal trends.
In 2019, Cody Ko and his friend Noel Miller launched their own podcast called "Tiny Meat Gang," named after their music duo. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including pop culture, internet trends, and personal anecdotes. It has become a popular podcast, with over 3 million monthly listeners and a dedicated fanbase.
Cody Ko's music and podcasting ventures have allowed him to expand his reach beyond YouTube and connect with audiences in new ways. His unique brand of humor and relatable content has resonated with fans, and he has proven himself to be a multi-talented entertainer.

Cody Ko Net Worth

Cody Ko's net worth is estimated to be around $6 million as of 2023. The majority of his income comes from his successful YouTube channel, which has over 6 million subscribers and generates revenue from ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. In addition, his music and podcasting ventures have also contributed to his net worth.
Cody Ko's popularity and success in the entertainment industry have allowed him to establish a lucrative career and build a substantial net worth at a relatively young age. Despite his financial success, Cody Ko remains humble and focused on creating content that resonates with his fans and makes them laugh.

Real Estate Properties Of Cody Ko

Cody Ko wearing a black shirt and headphones
Cody Ko wearing a black shirt and headphones
There is no public information available regarding Cody Ko's real estate properties. It is not clear whether he owns any properties or if he rents his living space. However, it is worth noting that many celebritieschoose to keep their personal lives private, including their real estate holdings. It is possible that Cody Ko has invested in real estate or owns properties that he has chosen not to disclose publicly.
Regardless of his real estate holdings, Cody Ko's successful career in entertainment has allowed him to amass a substantial net worth, which could potentially enable him to invest in real estate properties in the future.

Philanthropy Of Cody Ko

Cody Ko has been involved in several philanthropic efforts throughout his career, using his platform to raise awareness and funds for various causes. In 2020, he participated in a charity live stream event called "Fighting Together," which raised money for COVID-19 relief efforts. He also donated a portion of the proceeds from his "That's Cringe" merchandise sales to Black Lives Matter and other organizations working towards social justice.
Cody Ko has also used his platform to promote mental health awareness and resources. He has been vocal about his own struggles with anxiety and depression and has encouraged his followers to seek help when needed. He has also collaborated with mental health organizations, such as BetterHelp, to provide resources for those in need.
In addition to these efforts, Cody Ko has also supported organizations such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the American Red Cross through his merchandise sales and social media campaigns.

Interesting Facts About Cody Ko

Cody Ko wearing a brown shirt
Cody Ko wearing a brown shirt
  • Cody Ko was born in Canada and grew up in California. He has dual citizenship in both countries.
  • Before becoming a YouTube personality, Cody Ko played collegebaseball at Duke University.
  • Cody Ko's YouTube channel started as a side project while he was working as a software engineer.
  • Cody Ko's "That's Cringe" series was inspired by his own experiences with cringy content on the internet.
  • Cody Ko and his friend Noel Miller were both featured in the MTV series "Wild 'N Out" in 2018.
  • Cody Ko has been involved in the music industry, releasing two EPs under his own name and two albums with Noel Miller as the comedy rap duo Tiny Meat Gang.
  • In 2020, Cody Ko was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list in the Entertainment category.
  • Cody Ko has collaborated with several other popular YouTubers, including Jenna Marbles, Shane Dawson, and Gus Johnson.
  • Cody Ko is a fan of the Toronto Raptors NBA team and has made appearances on their social media channels.
  • Cody Ko's fans are known as the "Ko-Heads" and often attend his live shows and events.

People Also Ask

What Ethnicity Is Cody Ko?

Cody Ko is of Korean and Canadian descent.

What Is Cody Ko Known For?

Cody Ko is known for his comedic content on YouTube, as well as his music and podcasting ventures.

Is Cody Ko Still Making Videos?

Cody Ko is still making videos and continues to post content on his YouTube channel.

How Tall Is Cody Ko?

Cody Ko is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall.


Cody Ko net worth is a testament to his talent and hard work. From his early beginnings on Vine to his current career as a YouTuber, musician, and podcast host, Cody Ko has created a loyal fanbase that enjoys his unique brand of humor. With an estimated net worth of $6 million, he has become a successful entrepreneurwith multiple streams of income.
Despite his success, Cody Ko remains grounded and appreciative of his fans, which has contributed to his continued success. As he continues to create content and entertain audiences around the world, it is safe to say that Cody Ko's net worth will continue to rise.
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