Clarence Avant Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Age, Wife, Kids and Sibilings

How much is Clarence Avant worth?

Everyone in American Music and film industry is aware of who Clarence Avant is. Clarence Avant is a well-known American music and film producer with a whopping net worth of 50 million dollars. Clarence is nationally recognized for his excellent work and has won many awards for his exceptional work. The Black Godfather a great inspiration for all in the music and film industry. His real name is Clarence Avant. He is 89 years old and was born on 25th February 1931. His height is 5’8″, and his weight is 78 Kg. His birthplace is Climax, North Carolina, and his nationality is American

Clarence Avant Early Life and Career

Clarence Avant was not always such a famous public figure. In his early life, Clarence used to live in some small town in North Carolina. When he got to the age of 16, Avant left his town and went to New Jersey. The reason Avant left Climax is said to be his abusive stepfather. Clarence had many hurdles in his life, but nothing could ever stop him. He worked many small jobs in New Jersey and started his Carrier in the Music and production industry.

Avant’s first job in New Jersey is said to be as a stock clerk at Macy’s. Avant entered the music industry in the 1950s. He worked at Teddy P’s Lounge as a manager. Later on, all his hard work paid off, and he went on to become a consultant for multiple record labels and film production.

As of 2021, Clarence Avant’s net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Clarence Avant Education

Clarence Avant completed his early education in Greensboro. Till 9th grade, Avant pursued his studies in a one-room school. He completed his high school at Dudley High School. Later on, Clarence decided to leave Greensboro and move to New Jersey. In New Jersey Started his work life.

Awards won by Clarence Avant.

Clarence Avant is well known for his exceptional work in the music and film production industry. Avant work got him many awards. Avant was awarded the NAACP Image Award – Hall of Fame Award.  NAACP Award is awarded annually to exceptional performances in film, television, and music. The Trustees Award was awarded to Avant in 2008 on 10th February. Further, in 2018 Avant was awarded President’s Merit Award.

Clarence Avant Wife

Jacqueline came into public eyes after she married Clarence Avant in 1967. Jacqueline completed graduation from California State University in 1984; she then went on to work in the recording industry. Jacqueline worked in the recording industry for a while and then moved to politics when Barack Obama ran campaigns for president. Jacqueline Avant shares her husband’s net worth of 50 million dollars.

Clarence Avant Children

Clarence Avant and Jacqueline married in 1967, and the happily married couple had two children. Their first child was born on 6th March 1968 and was named Nicole Avant, and the 2nd Child Alexander Du Bois Avant, took birth on born 3rd of August 1971.

Nicole Avant is a former United States Ambassador to the Bahamas and is married to Ted Sarandos. Ted is Chief Content Officer for Netflix. Alexander shares his father’s passion and has made a carrier for himself in the music and film production industry.

Clarence Avant’s parents

There is not much information available about Clarence’s parents. Gertrude Avant was Clarence’s mother, and she had 8 children, and the eldest one was Clarence. Gertrude was born on 18 August 1911 and died in 2003.

Clarence Avant sibling’s

Clarence has 3 sisters and 4 brothers. Clarence’s sisters are Ann M. Avant, Brenda Avant, and Linda Woods. Clarence’s 4 brothers are Harold L. Avant, Weldon L. Avant, Paul A. Avant, and William E. Avant.

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Clarence Avant
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