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Cenk Uygur Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Age, Wife, Kids and Salary

Cenk Uygur Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Age, Wife, Kids and Salary

How much is Cenk Uygur worth? He began his broadcasting career by a local access channel in Washington D.C.

Harriet Shaw
Jan 31, 2021

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He was born on 21 March 1970 in Istanbul, Turkey. Cenk Kadir Uygur, a 50 years old political activist, is 77 kg and 1.74m. Uygur was born and raised in a Muslim family. However, now he describes himself as an Agnostic atheist.

He has American, Turkish citizenship, and Nationality. He was born in Turkey and immigrated to the United States when he was of 8 years.

As of 2021, Cenk Uygur's net worth is estimated at $6 million.

Cenk Uygur Early Life and Education

Cenk Uygur is a Turkish-American progressive political commentator, journalist, media host, and attorney. Before beginning his career as a political commentator, he worked as an associate attorney in Washington D.C. and New York City.

He was raised in a secular Muslim household and studied at East Brunswick High School. He graduated from the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania in 1992. Here, Cenk has majored in Management. He has received a Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School.

Cenk Uygur Career

He began his broadcasting career by a local access channel in Washington D.C. There Cenk made regular political commentary on his show ‘The Young Turk.’ Firstly, he was a talk show host on a weekend radio show in Washington D.C. He later wrote for and appeared on the WAMI-TV news show.

In 2000, he maintained a weekly blog on the Huffington Post and wrote critical entries of the 2003 Iraq War.

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Cenk Uygur Political Work

Over the years, he supported the removal of the corporate donation from the political system. Uygur is critical of establishment politics. He has called to undergo the revitalization process for the Democratic Party. He resigned from his position in Justice Democrats on December 22, 2017.

He ran for the election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 25 Congressional District. Unluckily, he lost in the prime election on 3 March 2020.

Cenk Uygur Wife

He is married to Wendy Lang, a family therapist. She is a founder and president at Beverly Hills child and the family firm. Her Net Worth is over $5 Million.

Cenk Uygur Kids

He has 2 children of 10 and 8 years. His son Prometheus Maximus Uygur was born in 2010. On the same token, his daughter Joy Helena Uygur was born in 2012.

Cenk Uygur Parents

He lives with his father Dogan Yugur. He is an entrepreneur, writer, and engineer.

Cenk Uygur Siblings

She was blessed with 1 sister Sedef Piker. Sedef was a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has been in love with art history since she was a teenager. Piker works as an owner and manager at Piker associates.

Cenk Uygur Salary

The Young Turks now have 27k paying subscribers. The subscribers pay from $5 to $10 a month to watch the shows and access exclusive programming.

He is a political activist and a well-known social media personality. In 2021 his Net Worth is $6 Million. In 2014, he won the People’s Voice – Best Web Personality Award. The Young Turks won the Streamy Award in 2017 for the ‘Best news and culture series.’

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