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Carter Hudson Net Worth - The CIA Teddy McDonald In Snowfall

In this article, we'll talk about Carter Hudson' net worth, biography and wiki. Check out the article below for information about the movie Carter Hudson and to find out how much money Carter Hudson has.

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Find outCarter Hudson net worthif you read more.
Carter Hudson is best known for being in hit movies like A Crime to Remember, which came out in 2013, and Snowfall and The Wild, which came out the year before.
Carter has played many different parts in movies.
He is a talented actor who is liked by a lot of big names in the entertainment industry.
He is getting more and more popular on social media, with a lot of people following him on Instagram and Twitter.

Who Is Carter Hudson?

Carter Hudson in a gray jacket
Carter Hudson in a gray jacket
Carter Hudson is one of the brilliant and well-known people working in the field of American acting.
He is known professionally as Carter Hudson.
Shreveport, Louisiana, in the United States was his place of birth.
Although his exact date of birth has not been disclosed at this time, he appears to be in his 30s at the very least.
He is an American actor who is known for his boldness, confidence, energy, good looks, and stylishness.
He was able to transform his interest into a prosperous profession as an actor.
Carter has appeared in a number of off-Broadway productions over the course of his career.
Full NameCarter Hudson
ProfessionAmerican Actor
Popular ForFor his outstanding role in the Amazon’s Prime Video, The Wilds
Birth PlaceShreveport, Louisiana, United States
Estimated net worth400K (Roughly estimated)

Carter Hudson Career

Carter has made the decision to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, and the most of his early career was spent by him playing on stages in various productions, one of which being a play called "The Effect."
According to the information gathered from the sources, he has also lent his voice for the narration of video games like Red Dead Redemption.
In addition to this, he has made guest appearances in a number of television dramas, such as Snowfall, in which he played the role of a CIA agent.
Additionally, in the year 2020, he participated in the film The Wilds, which was broadcast on Amazon Prime streaming on November 11.

Carter Hudson Net Worth

Carter Hudson crossing his arms in a denim jack
Carter Hudson crossing his arms in a denim jack
Carter Husdon is a well-known American actor.
He was born in the United States.
As a result of his successful career, he brings in a considerable quantity of money.
When it comes to Carter's wealth, it's safe to say that he has more than $400,000 in the bank.
He and his lovely family are able to enjoy the finer things in life.

Carter Hudson Salary

After he graduated in 2009, Carter got parts in the plays Honus and Me 2009 that got him $20,000 and The Chosen at the Portland Center Stage in Oregon in 2010.
He was on stage for many years, acting in plays like The Effect by Lucy Prebble.
In 2013, he was also in the TV show A Crime to Remember that expanded his net worth .
In the 2017 movie Snowfall, Carter played Teddy McDonald, an agent of the CIA who worked underground for the American government.
In 2016, he was in The Night of, and in 2020, he will be in The Wilds.
He also did the voice for the Red Dead Redemption game by Rockstar.
From all these projects, films, and TV series he made, Carter Hudson earned a total of $400,000 in his net worth and we are expecting that it will grow over the years.
Honus and Me$20,000

Carter Hudson Social Media Presence

Carter won the support and admiration of many people in both his professional and personal lives.
However, despite the fact that he is a well-known actor, you won't find him on any of the social media platforms.
Because he is a private guy, he prefers to keep the details of his happy and successful life to himself.
He does not have any accounts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or any of those.

People Also Ask

Is Carter Hudson Married?

Yes, he is married to Hollye Gilbert.

What Is Carter Hudson In?

Carter Hudson is a well-known actor, renowned for roles in films such as A Crime to Remember (2013), Snowfall (2017), and The Wilds (2020).

Who Is Teddy McDonald In Snowfall?

Teddy McDonald portrayed by Carter Hudson.
Teddy, portrayed by Carter Hudson, is a covert CIA official who is assisting the government in funding the struggle against communism in Central America.
He is a significant factor in Franklin's motivation to expand his drug empire, and he is one of the key driving forces behind Franklin.


As a result of the unconventional route that Hudson took to arrive where he is now in Hollywood, it is possible that many of the show's viewers do not know very much about him.
We came to the conclusion that if we information about him and Carter Hudson net worth, you will get to know him more.
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