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Brendan Fevola - Aussie Rules Bad Boy's Wealth, Personal Life And Career Details


In the first decade of the new millennium, Brendan Fevola was one of the biggest stars in the sport-mad nation of Australia. Acknowledged by his peers as one of the greatest forwards of his generation, Fevola’s star shone bright but briefly. Like so many with natural sporting talent, Fevola’s on-field achievements were too often overshadowed by off-field controversy.

Here, we look at his life on and off the field, as well as assessing the retired star’s current net worth.

A Successful but Foreshortened AFL Career

The Australian Football League is the pinnacle of Aussie Rules Football. It is an indication of his talent that he was recruited by Carlton in 1998, aged just 17. Despite solid performances, Fevola’s on-pitch attitude and off-pitch problems became too much of a distraction and senior coach Wayne Britten was on the verge of delisting him before suddenly being fired himself.

Fevola kept his shirt, and remained with Carlton till 2010, when his bizarre behavior at an awards ceremony proved to be the final straw and he was traded to the Brisbane Lions. However, after just one season, he was again embroiled in controversy, charged with public nuisance offences by local police.

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That signaled the end of Fevola’s AFL career. He spent the next nine years as a player and then player/coach for a succession of minor league teams. This part of his career was surprisingly lucrative, if somewhat surreal. Opposing teams would often pay him an appearance bonus for playing against them at away games, such was his power to draw a crowd.

A Passion for Poker and Gambling

Away from the football field, one of Fevola’s biggest passions has always been gambling. Sports betting, roulette and blackjack are among his gambling hobbies, but they pale in comparison to his love for poker. At the height of his career, he was a regular visitor at Melbourne’s Crown Casino until he was ejected from their poker room in 2010 as part of the casino’s responsible gambling procedures.

Subsequently, Fevola has shifted his poker playing activity to cyberspace, just another of the thousands of Aussie poker enthusiasts choosing to pursue online poker in Australia. He has more recently become a brand ambassador for one of the top gambling companies, suggesting that at last he is taking safe gambling seriously and is pursuing his hobby responsibly.

A Succession of Off-Field Controversies

Fevola’s gambling activities might be under control these days, but during his career, he has been involved in numerous other controversies, some that are much darker than occasionally overreaching his bankroll at the casino.

In 2001, his career was almost over before it had properly begun when he got embroiled in an attempted robbery. Carlton fined him, but as we mentioned earlier, he narrowly managed to keep his place on the team.

Over subsequent years, Fevola avoided associating with any more out and out criminals. However, his fondness for gambling was matched by a passion for partying, and in trouble seemed to have an uncanny ability to follow him around.

Throughout his career, whenever there was trouble at a casino or nightclub in a city where Carlton were playing, Fevola was invariably in the thick of it. The same happened when he moved to Brisbane. Within weeks of joining, Brisbane police had him in custody for disorderly behavior and public affray. In this age of sport trying so hard to project a family-friendly image, Fevola’s off field antics outbalanced his on-field contribution, and his tenure with the Lions can best be described at an opportunity wasted.

So What is Brendan Fevola’s Net Worth?

Aussie rules players don’t earn as much as those who play in the NFL or the EPL. However, Fevola was at the top of his game during his time in the AFL and boosted his pension fund with his non-league appearances after Brisbane.

He has also enjoyed plenty of media work, most notably as a pundit on Nine Network’s Footy Show and has had other ad hoc and promo work, as well as his casino promo deal. All this has contributed to his current net worth, which stands at about $13 million.

A Calmer Personal Life

Fevola married long-term girlfriend and make-up entrepreneur Alex Cheetham in 2005, but the marriage fell apart the following year. However, Alex has remained one of the fundamental constants in his life and the couple officially reunited years later. In 2018, they announced the arrival of their third child.

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