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Brady Cunningham Net Worth - $20 Million, Relationship With Jason Schwartzman, Lifestyle And More


Among those who appreciate fashion, Brady Cunningham is a well-known name. She is one of the most well-known bloggers and fashion designers in America, and she has made a lasting impact with her flawless creative abilities.

The woman with the excellent sense of style has written several enjoyable pieces. Her personal story is highly fascinating in addition to her work.

People are less familiar with the other significant facets of her life, however. If you're a fan, finishing this page will allow you to learn about some previously unknown facets of her life. Explore now! Here is everything there is to know about Brady Cunningham net worth.

Brady Cunningham Quick Facts

NameBrady Cunningham
Age36 years
Height5 feet 7 inches
ProfessionFashion Designer
Net Worth$20 million dollars (shared)
Married/Single Married
HusbandJason Schwartzman (m. 2009)
ChildrenMarlowe Rivers Schwartzman and Una Schwartzman

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Early Life

Brady Cunningham And Her Husband
Brady Cunningham And Her Husband

Brady Cunningham was born in the American city of Daphne, Alabama, where she was also reared.

Her early recollections are not very vivid. But while explaining the meaning of her name, she revealed that her parents had chosen it because they wanted her to have the same strength as males.


Brady Cunningham And Husband
Brady Cunningham And Husband

She relocated to New York after finishing her high school education in Alabama. She became interested in clothes designing after moving to a new city.

In New York, she began working as a designer's assistant and picked up some talents from him.

She felt the need to study more, however, and her journey led her to the Parsons School of Design, where she picked up some crucial fashion design knowledge.


Brady Cunningham And Husband Posing
Brady Cunningham And Husband Posing

Brady Cunningham wed Jason Schwartzman in July 2009 after a protracted relationship.

Rivers Schwartzman and Una Schwartzman are her two children. Her spouse is a producer, musician, and actor. In California's San Fernando Valley, she lives with her family.

She spends much of her time playing with her children or taking her hubby on long walks.


Jason Schwartzman
Jason Schwartzman

Her spouse is equally well-known in America and has been in a number of films. In addition, he is a producer who has worked on a number of films via his production company.

He also enjoys music and is well-known in the music business. He is well-known as a TV personality in addition to being a movie actor, which significantly boosts his net worth.

Multi-talented Jason Schwartzman earns money from a variety of additional ways. But he is a plain family man who values living a simple life.


Brady Cunningham And Her Husband Photoshoot
Brady Cunningham And Her Husband Photoshoot

Brady Cunningham made the decision to follow her dream job as a fashion designer after relocating to New York.

She started off with a male fashion designer as an assistant. Later, she made the decision to learn more about the fashion business and creating.

She enrolled at a reputable fashion school in New York to complete the work. She actively participated in the job after finishing the course, and fashion reviewers favorably regarded it.

She launched her first shop, "Tenoversix," with her friend and business partner Kristen Lee after becoming very well-known in the fashion industry.

She also uses her fashion blog, which has a sizable readership, to showcase her work in the fashion sector. Her stylish advice is valued by readers, who also appreciate her hard work.


Brady Cunningham And Her Child
Brady Cunningham And Her Child

She had a second career as a movie actress in addition to her work as a fashion designer. Her name appears in several films, with both significant and minor parts.

Despite having strong acting abilities, she prefers to concentrate on her fashion design business. She appears in the cast of four to five movies.



Tenoversix is the name of Brady Cunningham's eponymous clothing business. She also operates other businesses in various cities.

People can also simply place orders via her online brand shop without ever getting up from their sofa.

Her business is well known for being one of the few places where customers can get really original designs. Additionally, her items are loudly praised by those in the sector.


Brady Cunningham And A Friend
Brady Cunningham And A Friend

The American fashion designer consumes largely green vegetables and is highly health aware.

In addition, she adds that playing with her children keeps her active and healthy. She doesn't go to the gym often.

She does, however, go on lengthy walks with her spouse to keep in shape. Additionally, she creates recipes with a high nutritional content and prepares simple, sanitary meals at home.

Height And Body Weight

Brady Cunningham, Husband And A Friend
Brady Cunningham, Husband And A Friend

Brady has a height of 5' 7". At the age of 36, she weighs 60 kg. She leads a straightforward life and prioritizes her health by engaging in a variety of daily activities to prevent obesity.

She is of white heritage and has a large global fan base. Her hair is brown, and her eyes are grey in tone.


Brady Cunningham And Her Husband Discussing
Brady Cunningham And Her Husband Discussing

She takes careful care of her skin and appearance as a fashion designer, which helps her seem younger at 36.

She likes listening to music in dim lighting and is passionate about sports. She also enjoys strolling around the zoo and farmer's market.

She excels in her roles as a wife and mother while juggling several tasks at once. She handles the problem by laughing instead of getting into conflicts with her spouse.


Brady Cunningham And Husband Photo
Brady Cunningham And Husband Photo

She discusses her work philosophy and writes about the enlightening tales of the fashion business now that she is well-known in the industry. When expressing her opinions, she does it in a clear, funny, and motivating manner.

Net Worth

Brady Cunningham And Her Family
Brady Cunningham And Her Family

The total wealth of Brady Cunningham is $20 million. She is an artist, blogger, and designer of apparel and accessories

Together with a buddy, she owns the "Tenoversix" shop, and she also earns money from a number of other sources, which all help to increase her overall wealth.

Both actual and intangible assets make to the American fashion designer's entire net worth.

She also loves to have a simple life with her spouse and children and cherish every minute.

Jason Schwartzman Is Slowly Transitioning from Quarantine

People Also Ask

Who Is Brady Cunningham’s Husband?

He is likely already well-known to many of you as the famed actress Talia Shire's son. Let's continue and find out more about their union. The original relationship between the two began in 2006 and lasted for three years.

A Blueberry pancake was one of the first items the pair purchased together. Adorable, no?

The pair tied the knot on July 11, 2009, in front of their whole family, in the backyard of their house in the San Fernando Valley.

Brady and Jason had their first child, a girl they named Marlowe Rivers, a year later. In a similar vein, Brady shocked her followers in 2013 when she revealed that she was expecting her second child.

Una Schwartzman, their second child, was born to them in 2014. After ten years of marriage, the couple is still going strong. They live in California with their kids and lead quiet lives.

Who Is Husband Jason Schwartzman?

Jason Schwartzman is an American actor, producer, and singer who was born on June 26, 1980. He debuted in a major motion picture in 1998 with the release of Rushmore.

Along with cameo appearances in several shows and movies, some of his other films include "Isle of Dogs," "Spun," and many more.

Jason played drums for a band named "Phantom Planet" before getting into acting and making movies. Through his own endeavor, "Coconut Records," he has published a number of CDs.

This first album, titled "Night Timing," was made available on I tunes and was met with a resounding reception. He is still actively engaged in performing and producing, and his career is thriving.

What's The Secret To Her Marriage?

Brady offers some insight into her marital life and how she manages to make it work. Brady and her husband Jason both have busy lives, so things may sometimes become serious.

Brady's method for getting over these situations is to laugh. She is able to relax and handle the issue more effectively as a result.

When things get too serious, laugh.

Jason's periodic walks with the couple also aid in keeping everything organized and on track.

Lastly, Brady responded to a question on how she combines her career, family, and marriage by saying,

I micromanage.

And there it is - the key to Brady and Jason's harmonious relationship.

What Is Brady Cunningham Net Worth?

Brady is an American fashion designer with exquisitely distinctive designs. The clothes designer began her own own business, TENOVERSIX, in 2008.

She is a co-founder and the boutique's art and design director, and it features very beautiful designs for both men and women.

Her current Net Worth is $2 million as a result. She still lives a modest lifestyle with her family and a steadily growing job. Brady, her husband, and their two girls reside in a stunning mid-century mansion.


Brady Cunningham Posing
Brady Cunningham Posing

This article goes into detail about Brady Cunningham, an American fashion designer, and his significant experiences, successes, and personal life.

Additionally, it talks about her early years, academic background, and professional successes. Visit our blog area if you'd like to learn more interesting celebrity tales.

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