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Billie Eilish Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Age, Height, Parents And Siblings

What is Billie Eilish Net Worth? Eilish was living with her parents in the Highland Park LA. As of 2022, her net worth is $141 million.

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As of 2022, Billie Eilish net worthis estimated at $141 Million.

Early Life

She was born in California in the year 2001 and age 19 years. Her mother taught her the basics at a very early age. Along with her brother, she made a band, and they were working together on some music. Her mother and brother inspired her to learn music. Both her parents encouraged the siblings to do whatever they want to do and explore them, including art, dancing, and acting.


She had gone through some of the auditions, which she did not like; she enjoys the recording of the background dialogue for the crowded scenes; hence she worked on some of the films. She also performed in some of the talent shows at a very early age.
In the year 2015, she had recorded the song ocean eyes, which was written and produced by the finneas for her band; her dance teacher asked her to record the song, and due to the release of the song she received praise and promotion from various media and marketers which include the radio station as well. In the mean, she released several albums such as the ocean eyes, bellyache, bored, etc.
Her team worked spottily, which promoted her on their most popular playlist. In the year 2017, Eilish released her album with the American rapper Vince Staples named &Burn.

Billie Eilish on Her Throwback Jimmy Obsession, Ankle Sprains and Green World Tour

Net worth$141 million
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter
Birthday18 December 2001
Age21 Years
Height1.61 m
FatherPatrick O'Connell
MotherMaggie Baird
Zodiac signSagittarius

Personal Life

Eilish was living with her parents in Highland Park, which is in northeast Los Angeles. Knowing about her personal life, she had Tourette syndrome and experienced depression, and she was raised as a vegetarian and regularly promoted veganism on social media. She was also in the newsfor not smiling in the photos, and for all the criticism, she responded by saying that she does not like smiling because smiling makes her feel weak and powerless. She has also been criticized for her dress sense, but she ignores the criticism.


She had her first hit single named Ocean Eyes, released at the age of 14, and her first album at 17. She released several albums in her career name; some of them are When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? She also performed single names as sHe’s broken, fingers crossed, ocean eyes, six feet under, bellyache, etc.

Awards And Nomination

She is the youngest nominee and the second person to win the four Grammy categories such as the best new artist, record of the year, the song of the year, and album of the year, all these in the same year. She has five Grammy Awards, two MTV Europe music awards, two American awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, and two Guinness world records.


Her mother is a teacher and screenwriter, and her father is a construction along with a part-time actor and worked in movies like Iron Man. Her parents were also musicians.


She has an elder brother Finneas Baird O’Connell, an American singer, record producer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He had written and produced much music with various artists along with her sister.

House And Resident

Billie Eilish is from California and calls her home the Golden State. Still, she lives in Highland Park along with her parents and brother.
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