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Beyonce & Jay-Z Sail To Croatia


After igniting the music industry, Beyonce and Jay-Z sail to Croatia in their own rendition of "The Love Boat."

On the top deck of the super yacht Faith, the 40-year-old singer and her 52-year-old husband were seen eating a sit-down lunch and admiring the beautiful ocean views.

They were accompanied by their three young children, Blue Ivy, 10, and twins Rumi and Sir, 5, as well as the happy couple, who have been romantically linked for for 20 years.

The pair was seen on a huge yacht on Monday, a multi-level, obviously costly vessel, where they were either gazing out at the water or Bey was taking pictures with a digital camera.

The Carters Boarded A Multimillion Dollar Boat For A Lavish Vacation

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Exclusive Vacations That Beyonce And Jay-Z Enjoy As Billionaires

Beyoncé is taking a break from ruling the world to spend quality time on a $200 million super yacht with her husband Jay-Z and their three children.

The pair reportedly began their holiday aboard a luxurious boat called Faith off the coast of Croatia.

The well-known vessel, which can be chartered for costs beginning at $1.3 million per week in the summer and $1.5 million per week in the winter, was built with the affluent and famous in mind.

The Carter family trip follows the "Break My Soul" singer's highly anticipated seventh studio album Renaissance, which scored the biggest first-week numbers for a woman in 2022 and once again made history.

In addition, every song from Beyoncé's latest album has reached the Hot 100 lists, with "BMS" holding the top place.

The first week of Renaissance had 179M streams, making it the year's biggest streaming week for a female artist and Beyoncé's biggest weekly streamer to date.

The Grammy Award-winning singer sent a statement to her fans thanking them for their support, dedication, and patience over the years after her album leaked a week before its scheduled release date.

Beyonce penned: "The album was therefore leaked, but you all actually waited for its official release so you could all enjoy it together.

It's unlike anything I've ever seen. I can't express how grateful I am for your support and care.

I appreciate your steadfast help. I appreciate your patience. We'll take our time and take in the music.

I'll keep working hard and giving it my all to make you happy. I adore you a lot."

Regarding Jay-Z, the 52-year-old businessman has been managing his empire while sometimes dabbling in music.

Hov will appear on DJ Khaled's new album God Did, which will be released this Friday


Nearby their children, who were having a swim on board with nannies and employees, Jay ultimately joined them there and joined in the photo-shooting.

That's how childcare is done when you're this wealthy and sailing on a yacht this gorgeous.

The Carter-Knowles family seems to be enjoying the last few days of summer, but if we're being really honest, they could sort of take a vacation like this whenever they wanted.

They earned to come here, after all. Bey just released a significant album; her eighth solo effort, "Renaissance," defied early criticism of its dance music by topping the charts and crushing in sales.

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