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Berry Gordy Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Age, Wife, Children And Sibilings

What is Berry Gordy's net worth? He made this much money from his exceptional work in the Music and Film industry.

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Berry Gordy founded the Motown Records label, which was worth more than $61 million. Later on, he sold Motown. As of 2022, Berry Gordy net worthis $400 million. He made this much money from his exceptional work in the Music and Film industry, for which he has won many awards too.
Berry Gordy's real name was Berry Gordy III and was also known as Berry Gordy Jr. Berry is the founder of the Motown Record label. It is known to be the highest-earning African-American business of its time. Berry Gordy has a height of 5 ft and 9 inches. His weight is around 78 kg.
Berry Gordy is a well-known name in the American music and film industry. He is 91 years old and was born on28 November 1929. Gordy has American citizenship, while his ethnicity is not known.

Berry Gordy Early Life, Education, And Career

Berry Gordy Junior was the seventh child of Berry Gordy II. He was born into a middle-class family. Gordy's father had a grocery and carpentry business. Berry was not interested in his father's business and shop. Berry had a passion for music and boxing.
Gordy left high school and started a professional boxer, and later on, served United States Army in the Korean War. Gordy returned from Korea in 1953 and completed high school level education, and then married Thelma Louise Coleman. Later on, he stepped into the music industry and started many ventures. His most successful venture was the Motown Record label, which was worth 61 million dollars.

Why Berry Gordy Nearly Passed on the Jackson 5 And Stevie Wonder's Singing | The Jonathan Ross Show

Berry Gordy Awards

Berry Gordy won many awards for his exceptional work in the music and film industry. He was awarded Grammy Trustees Award in 1991. The Recording Academy awards Grammy Trustees Award. This award is awarded to only those individuals who made significant contributions to the field of recording. Gordy also won the American Music Award of Merit in 1975. In 2006 he got Rhythm and Blues Foundation award, and in 2014 he received The BET Honors EntrepreneurAward.

Berry Gordy Wife

Berry Gordy is currently divorced and is single. His first wife was Thelma Coleman, and they had three children together. But later on they divorced in 1959.
After his first divorce, Berry Gordy married Raynoma Mayberry Liles. The couple had a daughter, but the relationship ended with divorce in 1964. After this, Berry dated several women and had some more children. Currently, he is divorced and single.

Berry Gordy Kids

Berry Gordy has 8 children. The first child is Hazel Joy who took birth on August 24, 1954. The second Child is Berry IV, who was born in October 1955, and Terry James was the third child and was born in August 1956. Gordy had his 4th Child with his 2nd wife, and the child was named Kerry Gordy; Kerry took birth on June 25, 1959.
The fifth child of Gordy is Sherry Gordy, and Sherry was born on May 23, 1960. His fifth child is Rhonda Suzann, and he was born on August 14, 1971. Gordy also had a son known as Rockwell, and Berry Gordy's eighth son is known by his stage name Redfoo.

Berry Gordy Juniors Parents

Berry Gordy II and Bertha Fuller Gordy were parents of Berry Gordy III, and they raised Berry Gordy III in Detroit. Berry Gordy II belonged to a middle-class family. They had a grocery shop and several small businesses.

Berry Gordy Junior Siblings

Berry Gordy Junior had 7 other siblings. The oldest one was Fuller Gordy, and the second oldest sibling of Gordy was Esther Gordy. The third one was Anna Ruby Gordy, and the fourth sibling of Gordy was Loucye Gordy. The fifth sibling was George Gordy, and 6th was Gwen Gordy. Berry Gordy Jr was the 7th child in his family, and the youngest one is Robert Gordy.
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