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Benjamin Burnley Net Worth - The Heart Of Breaking Benjamin

American musician Benjamin Burnley net worth is $4 million dollar. In March 1978, Benjamin Burnley IV was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He is most recognized for his work with the band Breaking Benjamin as their main guitarist and singer.

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American musicianBenjamin Burnley net worthis $4 million dollar. In March 1978, Benjamin Burnley IV was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
He is most recognized for his work with the band Breaking Benjamin as their main guitarist and singer.
He played cover music in coffee shops to get money. He smashed a microphone while playing, which gave his band the name Breaking Benjamin.
The group formed in 1998. Burnley is the only band member who has remained consistent while the other members have changed often.
NameBenjamin Burnley
Date Of BirthMar 10, 1978
Height6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
ProfessionSongwriter, Singer, Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Lyricist, Composer, Musician
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$4 Million

Benjamin’s Career

Benjamin moved to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, when he was 18 years old. The lyricist/singer met Jonathan Price, the bassist from his old band "Breaking Benjamin," and they ended up living together.
Ben used to often perform his music at the coffee shops where he was respected and adored before the band "Breaking Benjamin" was founded.
Burnley, Aaron Fink, Nick Hoover, and Chris Lightcap founded the band "Breaking Benjamin" in 1998.
Burnley has worked with several musicians outside the Breaking Benjamin band. With groups like Disturbed, Evans Blue, and Three Days Grace, he has performed live songs. Ben has collaborated with artists including Adam Gontier and Red.

Top 3 Songs By Breaking Benjamin

There are times when you just want to rock out, but for a reason. In such circumstances, Breaking Benjamin is the band for you.
Plan 9 was the original name of the American alternative-metal and post-grunge rock band Breaking Benjamin, which was founded in 1998.

Until The End

Until The End

Diary Of Jane

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane

Evil Angel

Breaking Benjamin - Evil Angel + Lyrics

Personal Life Of Benjamin Burnley

Benjamin Burnley Smiling
Benjamin Burnley Smiling
Benjamin often discusses his mother but never his father. His mother, Sydnee Mahaffey Burnley, who was born in 1959, is known.
Publicly recognized siblings of Benjamin include Tom Burnley, Hilda, Teri T, Jayne, Shay, and Nunya.
Rhiannon, his longtime partner, and Benjamin were married. Before getting married in 2014, they dated for nearly six years. Benjamin Jackson Burnley, the son of the couple, was born.
Ben was a drunkard. In an interview, he acknowledged that he intended to drink himself to death.
Fortunately, he is breaking the habit and recorded the song Dear Agony with the band Breaking Benjamin without any alcohol.

Benjamin Burnley Net Worth

Benjamin Burnley playing guitar
Benjamin Burnley playing guitar
Benjamin's net worth is at $4 million as of January 2022.
Many people are inspired by Benjamin, who continues to be a rock n' roll fanatics' icon. He really should be looked up to in terms of rock music.
Significant professional milestones have been achieved by Benjamin. His most notable accomplishment, which has gained him fame, is starting the band Breaking Benjamin.
Ben deserves several accolades, but they have not yet been nominated for him. Many people are in awe of the well-known rock performer and fantastic voice, which furthers his accomplishments.

People Also Ask

Who Owns Breaking Benjamin?

It says that the conflict between Benjamin Burnley, the band Breaking Benjamin's only founder, main musician, vocalist, and composer, and two of the group's former members has been settled.
Breaking Benjamin will go on, and Benjamin Burnley maintains the right to use his band name.

Why Did Chad Leave Breaking Benjamin?

Chad announced on his official Facebook page on April 22, 2013, that he was quitting Breaking Benjamin due to "creative disagreements" and will continue to be a member of Black Label Society.

What Do You Wear To A Breaking Benjamin Concert?

The most often worn t-shirts were black. There were many audience members wearing Breaking Benjamin t-shirts, but there were also many wearing black shirts for other bands including Five Finger Death Punch, Sevendust, and Chevelle. You must honor the commitment.


Ben furthermore has hypochondria, a dread of the dark. This is the basis for his conviction that he "won't die," and it also explains why he doesn't fly.
Ben also avoids driving until absolutely required in order to prevent death as much as possible.
His fears have, however, aided him artistically since he has written songs about them. Music like Break My Fall.
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