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Ali Wong Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Age, Height, Husband And Kids

How much money does Ali Wong make? The full name of Ali is Alexandra Dawn Wong. She has been a successful comedian, writer, and actress.

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The full name of Ali is Alexandra Dawn Wong. She has been a successful comedian, writer, and actress. Her most notable works are Hard Knock wife and Baby Cobra. These are released on Netflix as stand-up specials and received popularity as well as critical acclaim. She is so successful that she secured her name as the top hundred most influential people in 2020 by Times magazine. Though her career is just taking giant shape already, Ali Wong's net worthis 3 million dollars.
She was born on the 19th of April 1982, and her zodiac sign is Aries. She is 1.52 meters high and weighs around 52 Kg. Her birth name is Alexandra Dawn Wong, and her nickname is Ali. She is born in pacific heights near San Francisco. Her residence is in Los Angeles. She follows her father’s religion, who was Chinese. She is an American citizen and an American National.

Ali Wong Early Life

She was born in the locality of Pacific heights. It is nearby to San Francisco, California. She had been a student of San Francisco University high school and graduated in 2000. She is dynamic and full of energy on those days as well. She was the class president of the student body. She later enrolled at UCLA and pursued studies in Asian American Studies. She used to perform theatre during her collegedays.

Ali Wong - Lessons for Her Daughters in “Dear Girls” and Life as a Female Comic | The Daily Show

Ali Wong Career

She started performing professionally at the age of 23. Her genre is comedy and Brainwash Café is her first destination where she performed. As soon as she realized her potential,l she moved to New York City and started proving her mettle there. In 2011 she was well recognized, and Variety named her as top 10 comedian to watch out for. There onwards her career took a flight, and she started to get loads of work and applause. She even featured in many TV series and Netflix movies.

Ali Wong Husband

Justin Hakutaa half Filipino and half Japanese is her husband. He is the son of an inventor and a famous TV personality Ken Hakuta. She met Justin in 2010. Justin is a Harvard business school lad and a business manager. They got hitched in 2014 and proud parents of two lovely daughters. He amassed a net worth of 1.2 million dollars.

Ali Wong Kids

Ali Wong is a proud mother of two adorable daughters. The elder one name is Mari Hakuta, and the younger one is Nikki Hakuta. They are fairly young, and Mari has been enrolled in an elementary school. Both the daughters live with their parents.

Ali Wong Parents

Adolphus Wong, the father of Ali, was a Chinese-American anesthesiologist. Her mother is Tammy Wong. She migrated from South Vietnam. She was a social worker.

Ali Wong Siblings

She is the fourth and the youngest child of her parents. She has an elder sister Mimi Wong and an elder brother Andrew Wong.

Ali Wong Comedian Career

Her career as a comedian is widely appreciated and applauded. Ever since she started performing in Brainwash café, she never tasted bad reviews. She became famous and was cited as an influential personality.
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