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Alexandra Cooper Net Worth - How Wealthy Is Call Her Daddy Host?

A podcast host from the United States named Alexandra Cooper net worth is $25 million. Thanks to the podcast "Call Her Daddy," which she co-hosted with Sofia Franklyn from 2018 to 2020, Alex Cooper initially gained widespread recognition.

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Aug 09, 2022101 Shares1971 Views
A podcast host from the United States named Alexandra Cooper net worthis $25 million.
Thanks to the podcast "Call Her Daddy," which she co-hosted with Sofia Franklyn from 2018 to 2020, Alex Cooper initially gained widespread recognition.
Following a disagreement, Sofia quit the program and started a brand-new podcast called "Sofia with an F." After continuing to produce Call Her Daddy, Alex agreed to a three-year, $60 million exclusive agreement with Spotify in June 2021.
The Spotify agreement stipulates that Alex Cooper must get a minimum of $20 million year to serve as the show's host.
If she surpasses a number of download milestones during the time, she might earn extra.

Quick Facts About Alexandra Cooper

NameAlexandra Cooper
Date Of BirthAug 21, 1994
Place Of BirthNewtown, Pennsylvania
Net Worth$25 Million

Alexandra Cooper Early And Personal Life

Alexandra Cooper Smiling
Alexandra Cooper Smiling
On August 21, 1994, Alexandra Cooper was born in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Beginning in 2016, she worked for Dirty Water Media as an on-air studio anchor.
At Boston University, Cooper was a soccer superstar. In 2014, the squad won the Patriot League championship.
At one point, Noah Syndergaard, a pitcher for the Major League Baseball, was romantically involved with Alexandra Cooper.
Her relationship with fellow podcaster and producer Matt Kaplan has just come to light.

Alexandra Cooper Career

Alexandra Cooper was hired by "Dirty Water Media" after graduating. For the firm, she was an on-air host.
After relocating from Boston to New York City, she temporarily worked at a magazine before joining Barstool Sports, a pop culture site that covers viral newsand trending issues.
During their trip together, they were introduced to Sofiya Franklin, grew close, and came up with the concept for their podcast "Call Her Daddy."
The program launched in 2018 and became popular right away. In a short period of time, it received 2 million downloads and topped Apple's podcast charts.
The drama between Alexandra Cooper and Sofiya Franklin erupted in May 2020, and as a result, they were momentarily off the air and embroiled in court proceedings. After a few weeks, Alexandra returned to reveal that she would be hosting on her own.

Alexandra Cooper Contract Controversy

After a few weeks of a standoff between Barstool and Sofia/Alexandra, the pair reportedly intended to leave Barstool, according to a May 2020 article in the NY Post.
According to The NY Post, the girls were employed by a company that paid them each $75,000 annually at the time of the conflict.
Additionally, they might each receive $2,500 if an episode draws a 10 percent larger viewership than usual for the program.
Early in April 2020, Franklyn and Cooper protested by pausing the recording of episodes for a period of time.
Peter Nelson, an HBO executive who is Sofia's lover, reportedly negotiated a new contract for the pair at a different firm despite the fact that they were still bound by their original agreement.
David Portnoy, the creator of Barstool, disclosed that he had given the pair new contracts with high six-figure wages as well as a path to reclaim their intellectual property.
According to a source who spoke to the Post, Franklyn was not interested in the offer, but Cooper seemed to be. Sofia eventually left the program to start her own podcast, "Sofia with an F."

Call Her Daddy

Because she co-hosted the "Call Her Daddy" podcast with radio personality Sofia Franklyn, Alexandra Cooper rose to fame.
The Barstool Sports podcast network saw growth for the show. In 2018, the program had its network debut.
For a while, the podcast had tremendous popularity. In the middle of 2020, Sofia departed the program due to a fallout after a contract discussion involving her, Alex, and Barstool.

Alexandra Cooper Net Worth Social Media

Alexandra Cooper In Vacation
Alexandra Cooper In Vacation
Alexandra Cooper is a frequent user of social media. On these social media platforms, she shares tidbits of her podcast or her hobbies.

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Alexandra Cooper Net Worth

In 2022, it's anticipated that Alexandra Cooper's net worth will be $25 million. She worked as a podcast host in the US, where she made this hefty salary.
She is happy with the money she makes at work. On the other side, Alexandra makes about $450,000 per episode. On the other side, she makes $2 million per month.
The money Alexandra Cooper makes from her employment allows her to live a luxurious lifestyle.
She earns money via sponsored partnerships, commercials, and brand endorsements in addition to her employment.
Matt Kaplan, her boyfriend, is anticipated to have a net worth of about $7 million in 2022.
He was able to accumulate such a significant quantity of money via his profession as a film producer and businessman.

Alexandra Cooper Lifestyle

Alexandra Cooper Wearing A Green Dress
Alexandra Cooper Wearing A Green Dress

Real Estate

Cooper has real estate holdings. The "Call Her Daddy" presenter and her partner Matt Kaplan spent $10.1 million to purchase two different residences in Studio City, Los Angeles, California.
The smaller property has roughly 1,600 square feet of living area, while the bigger home is gated and has a total of about 5,300 square feet.
The "Call Her Daddy" host/founder, 27, has significantly enhanced her Los Angeles home with the $10.7 million acquisition of a genuine estate, less than a year after inking a massive $60+ million contract with Spotify.
According to records, the podcaster who drives a Porsche and her longterm partner, the actor and producer Matt Kaplan ("To All the Boys"), will be moving into a spacious new home in the Studio City hills.
A real compound, the property consists of two distinct homes on two distinct lots with two different addresses.
The bigger home has roughly 5,300 square feet of living area and is gated, while the smaller guesthouse next door has about 1,600 square feet and is gated as well. Six bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms are offered among the two buildings.
Alba di Angeli, the ex-wife of Wyoming-based real estate tycoon Richard Fields, sold both houses to Cooper and Kaplan.
Former owner of the home and "Desperate Housewives" scriptwriter Joe Keenan sold it to di Angeli for $7.4 million in 2016.
According to tax records, the bigger house is a Colonial-style mansion that was first constructed in the late 1930s.
In addition to the three bedrooms, the home has a living room with a fireplace, a dining room with wood paneling, and a kitchen that opens to the family area.
The master suite, which has a wet bar, opulent dressing room, and bathroom with burled walnut trim, is located upstairs along with an office and library.
The home's exterior has a private motorcourt with enough for six automobiles, a courtyard, an outdoor fireplace, and expansive lawns sprinkled with old trees.
In addition to a gated motorcourt, green lawns, and older trees, the smaller house also has a beautifully round swimming pool that is ideal for Old Hollywood.
Cooper formerly resided in a luxurious rental property close to West Hollywood, while Kaplan had a home in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, which was secretly auctioned off for $3.7 million to an unremarkable couple in April, according to documents.
Cooper and her former roommate and BFF Sofia Franklyn co-hosted the show "Call Her Daddy" when it first debuted in 2018.
Although Cooper and Franklyn notably had a major falling out in 2020, which led to Franklyn leaving the program, the irreverent, initially sex-oriented podcast was an instant popularity and has proven to be a long-term success.
The emphasis of "Call Her Daddy" has somewhat evolved since Cooper secured her eye-popping Spotify deal, moving away from the sex lives of young women and toward mental health awareness.

Spotify Deal

After being released from Barstool, Alexandra inked an exclusive agreement with Spotify in June 2021. The deal's potential lifetime value is $60 million.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Alexandra Cooper

  • Although Alexandra Cooper appears to be a native New Yorker, this is untrue.
  • Cooper's image first appeared online in 2017 when she was connected to professional baseball player Noah Syndergaard.
  • Alexandra Cooper is most likely known to you as the "girl with no filter," but before she started a podcast, she was well-known for being a fiercely competitive athlete.
  • Although choosing to become a podcaster may seem odd, it wasn't a random decision for Alexandra Cooper.
  • Her first media job wasn't Call Her Daddy.
  • Sofia Franklyn, the co-host of Call Her Daddy with Alexandra Cooper, and they were introduced through a mutual acquaintance.
  • The platform Alexandra Cooper uses to disseminate her work is not only Call Her Daddy.
  • Without a doubt, Alexandra Cooper is not averse to taking chances.
  • She is a model on Instagram.
  • There is a lot of money to be earned in the podcast market, so hosting one is more than simply a pastime.

Alexandra Cooper | House Tour | $11 Million Los Angeles Mansion & More

People Also Ask

Where Does Alex Cooper Live?

The native of Pennsylvania has just upgraded her living space by spending $10.7 million for a Los Angeles mansion.
The podcaster and her longterm partner, Hollywood producer Matt Kaplan, will reportedly move into this Studio City estate together, according to Dirt.

Who Is Alexandra Coopers Boyfriends?

This has often piqued the interest of her admirers and followers as to who Alex Cooper's partner is.
Despite the fact that she refers to him by the nickname Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, it is well known that he is none other than Matt Kaplan, a producer of motion pictures.

How Much Is Alex Cooper Making Now?

Call her Rich! Call Her Daddy podcast host Alex Cooper inks a $60M+ deal with Spotify, ending her contract with Barstool Sports - one year after bitter salary spat with Dave Portnoy and her former co-host went viral.


The estimated net worth of American blogger, vlogger, and podcaster Alexandra Cooper is $25 million.
In 2016, she rose to fame as a studio anchor for Dirty Water Media. She also became well-known for hosting the well-liked podcast "Call Her Daddy".
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